The common parts on the car, many owners do not know its true role!

Car development so far, already a very mature industrial products, it can be said the Car every design Is the product of the designer after a long consideration. Many of the designs are very important owners easily overlooked, like the common parts on the Car – the headrest. I believe that many thought the old iron headrest for comfort of occupants, relieve fatigue driving the process brings. But it Is not true, the emergence of thIs part, in order to secure a start, if you are Careful should be able to find a number, no matter how headrest adjustment, Will not feel very comfortable.

beginning of the design, in order to secure

If you like to watch some old movies, it should be able to find a seat in the Car Is not part of the headrest, and now we see thIs natural seat You Will feel very awkward. Under no circumstances headrests, rear-end collIsion if the vehicle suffered head and neck occupants of impact, front and rear excessive flexion and extension, Is likely to cause injury. Even in a collIsion at a speed of 10km h / Car acceleration and deceleration forces are acting on the fragile cervical spine, causing damage.

so in that time, the National highway Traffic safety AdminIstration requires Automakers produce Cars must configure the headrest, the headrest Is at that time became the standard. Through continuous improvement, the current Car headrest divided into three categories, namely fixed, movable as well as active. Like the fixed and movable are better understood, but also more common; of course, which Is worth noting Is that, after the event head restraints demolition, the bottom can be used to broken windows, an emergency can play a very big role.

In addition to the stationary and movable headrest, some more advanced Car Will be equipped with active head restraints. The role of the active head restraint Is in the rear-end collIsion, can Automatically adjust the angle, so that the headrest better snapping the head, so the maximum to avoid accidents caused by damage to the driver.

how active head restraints properly adjusted

got into the driver’s seat, I believe that most people are able to adjust the seat and fasten your seat belts, but headrest that Is often ignored. Although the headrest Is a common Car parts, but if you do not correctly adjust it, and sometimes it Will be counterproductive. So how to adjust the headrest should it?

after first, adjust the seat back, so that the intermediate position of the headrest on the soft edge flush with hIs ears, to do so once a collIsion, back of the head can be effectively protected by readily battered. In addition, the dIstance between the headrest and the head should be as small as possible, so that the protective effect of the headrest cushion the head to achieve the best.

of course also important to note that the height-adjustable rear headrests good, make sure the latch on the Card, to avoid dIsplacement occurs during driving. If you have done according to the above steps, relying feel uncomfortable, you can choose to add a neck pillow, both to relieve fatigue to a certain extent, can also play a role in cervical cushion.


I am sure you owners for seat belts and airbags are particularly seriously, but actually as a Car headrest Car safety components, for the safety of the occupants also play a very important role. Today I tell you the hIstory of the headrest and how to useOr would like a wake-up call you, do not ignore the importance of the headrest. Before the usual driving, to correctly adjust headrests, traffic safety has been further protected.