The cheapest Bentley to be 3 million, Is said to lift the public? A sit in on the closed mouth

a top luxury Cars at least How much? Look at it thIs Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley family, it Is the most expensive a Car, but also starting at 2.78 million cases, with the top model Is 4 million more than the asking price. And thIs fantastically, and Is said to be the Audi A8, even with the Volkswagen Phaeton platform to build, estimates see here a lot of keyboard Man Will obscenity it Is 3 million face lift of the public. However, Bentley Car standard Is not white hanging! Dige thIs time Will take you to an eye-opener.

Body size alone, it reached 5.3 m long entire vehicle, wheelbase over 3 m level, and 7 BMW, Mercedes-Benz S class standing on a level. Its design Is very simple, there Is no element of all kinds of bells and whIstles, not too many eye-catching decoration. But just look at the front of the black textured, there are about four big round headlights, it has a high degree of recognition. Paint, finesse rim Is quite superb, with a simple and classic full range of children’s appearance, and the German Car atmosphere Is completely different.

Next, look at the interior. The entire center console Is showing a flying-wing shape, not too many so-called chase the trend of the elements, the entire design approach seems stuck in the last century. And natural materials Is very top, the surface of the center console and a large number of high-grade leather laid walnut bright surface, and the outlet Is chrome rod controlled, quite Saobao design feelings.

did not like the dashboard of a new Car that moment, at every turn on the full LCD instrument panel, still maintain the traditional layout of two two small mechanical instruments , placed just above the center of a small-size LCD screen. Instrument panel with a very elegant black background with white font style, clear and easy to read. Look at the speedometer base price: 340km / h!

still in possession under the quaint look very rich electronic equipment, including electronic handbrake, AUTOHOLD function, as well as left and right seat heating, ventilation, skylights control, body lift height, active suspension damping adjustment functions.

body Is able to reach the place, all wrapped in a highLeather gear, black and yellow color Is very BritIsh style. Front seats with a common multi-way power adjustment, multiple memory function, and supporting the thigh Is independently adjustable.

degree of luxury class are the rear, the seat Is also of high-grade leather wrapping, and with a separate length of the cushion, the backrest angle, lumbar support, etc. electrically adjustable, and multiple memory function. Although there Is no current popular head of a large skylight, but also about a separate audio system, as well as the hidden tray table.

It Is another configuration having two engines, Is a 507 hp / 528 hp 4.0T V8 twin-turbo engine both settings, 625 hp / 635 hp 6.0T W12 twin turbo engine, the whole system matching ZF 8AT gearbox. ChassIs with double-wIshbone front, multi-link, the whole system standard adjustable hardness, air suspension height.

can say it in a decent level of luxury and design the mechanical configuration, do as much as possible extreme, although it Is cheaper than one million BMW Mercedes-Benz the same can be done very comfortably enjoy the luxury Cars, but forced on the grid, it Is indeed a retro style of England to rigorous than more industrialized Ashkenazi Saobao.