The car was scraped to the 4S shop do not waste money! A few dollars can be buttoned up so that the car instantly become a new car!

As U.S. gradually raIse the economic level, and now more and more people buy Cars. As more and more Cars on the road, drove out Will inevitably be some small scratches and see the Car was scraped, dIstressed owners Will be sent to the 4S shop repair, so that we should spend a lot of money. In fact, you can not go to 4S shop can be repaired, you can just use it to get

iced cola repair method to buy a small bottle of cola, pour out some of , with a rag dipped a little, gently wipe the place was scratched, rub a few times, you Will find that it becomes difficult to see scratches met. Basically, negligible. Wipe a few times, the better.

Toothpaste Is inseparable from the items in our daily lives, you also have a big effect on the Car repair scratches. When the Car appeared minor scratches, use thIs toothpaste applied to the towel, wipe hard body scratches, the scratches you Will find Is rubbed away.

invIsible universal collIsion bumper strip topping. Wheel eyebrow if installed in advance on thIs bull bar, not only increases the sporty Car, but also to avoid scratching a large, wider at the design, perfectly fit the tire wall, but also the barrier stones on the body s damage. It can be a good problem to avoid scratches.

polIsh. Scratched with water to clean and dry, and then evenly coated with the color of the body color of nail polIsh, can be dried until gone. Just twelve minutes can easily get. Such a bottle of nail polIsh can be standing in the Car, bring their Car more than a heavy protection.