The car was drawn to a trace, how to do?

everyday Car, but also Will encounter a variety of things, such as Careless illegal, or be some scratching accident, there Is a Car parked properly, was drawn to join thIs are more things suck. Suck Is more Car was scratched do not know who he Is, can not find people. For thIs, we have two cases, one Is unable to grasp even though people can claim, one Is unable to claim, how to do.

Let me talk about the first case, the Car was scratched, claims it can not find people how to achieve? That depends on where you stop the Car.

If it Is parked in the parking fee, as long as you can prove the Car Is here classified, then the parking lot or the parking lot of the property you have paid your security adminIstrator loss, in accordance with the legal provIsions of the country: “during the custody, due to improper Care custodian custody were damaged or lost, the depository shall be liable for damages.” In other words, the “Contract Law” requires “paid custody,” the manager should do to comprehensive security obligations. So if it can not find the perpetrators, thIs property lost.

in addition, parked on the roadside parking spaces, which parking spaces are two, one for a fee, one Is free, I recommend parked in parking fees, and the reason Is the same as above. For free parking, whether the Car was parked there or was drawn to the traffic police posted article, the cost of parking fees are more expensive than I do not know how many times.

So if it can not claim, for example, not parking lot, not in the property, which side of the road to be crossed out others, people can not find that to be how to do it? ThIs time you can find the insurance company, provided that you pay the Car body scratches insurance, however, very few people buy such insurance, if you can find not buy scratches insurance billing by traffic police Car damage insurance to payment.

to buy insurance scratches, and the Car thIs year Is also not had insurance, it did not have to say, go directly to insurance. For thIs did not have insurance, or Car insurance we have already had two or three times, and if so to once again, then the second year premiums could go up ranging from 10% to 40%. ThIs time pay for their own three or five hundred dollars to repair shop or 4S shop do the paint may have a little cheaper than insurance claims.

(operations staff: He Shuguang)