The car interiors are not as one hundred thousand cars, priced up to one million

Car brand and appearance are factors that most grades of highlights, followed then highlight the luxurious interior, and now many independent brands ten million Cars, although no grade appearance, but the interior Is often giving the impression that few of thousands of Cars, but some one million luxury Cars in the pursuit of some “pure” things, often overlooked interior design, the Car’s interior might as ten million Cars.

KTM X-bow GT

Price: 1390000

KTM X-bow GT Is a famous Austrian KTM motorcycle brand launched a Car, thIs Is a line F3 specifications of the Car, since it Is a Car, then there Is no comfort at all, let alone what luxurious interior, to I feel that my nephew and toy Car child seat almost giving the impression that the Car Is “pure” track machine, of course, thIs Is also in line with the road racing standards, our beloved teacher Gregg not to buy a Car Well, we have millions of ultra-running, racing to be tens of millions, while the X-bow GT at the track but also on the road, only a hundred million and really not that expensive.

Mitsuoka Orochi

Price: 195-218 Wan

Mitsuoka Orochi ThIs name has enough bluffing to see the real Car Is bluffing, serpent design inspired by Japanese animal “Yamata no Orochi”, and Rolls-Royce as the serpent Is hand-built in a superCar exterior, interior not even one hundred thousand Cars are not as, due to the lack of brand appeal Mitsuoka, hIs pay Is not much, to be honest, the same price, I prefer the bike above.

Toyota Sequoia

Price: 1.1 million

Sequoia and passers-by Tan from the same platform, the overall Bilan cool Road, Chak de but also a bigger, more domineering, in the thick of the US Department of SUV style appearance, the US Department of interior Is thick style, due Made in USA, the interior Is quite rough, plastic everywhere vIsible, thIs interior feeling one hundred thousand Cars than it Is good.

wind warriors

Price: 1200000

said the U.S.-made Hummer wind warriors, the price even more than the Hummer, due to the beginning of the design Is to use the Bing Gege, so everything be practical inside, although the exterior looked great, the actual space travel it might as QQ, interior work Is almost not taken into account, and the same rough appearance, since the civilian version, or want to be able to pay attention to interior points.

Rally Fighter

Price: 1.58 million

EnglIsh name Rally Fighter, Chinese called “Rally God of War” has been in the domestic market, even there Tyrant mention Cars, if the KTM X-bow GT Is a site dedicated track, then the Rally Fighter focus on a variety of off-road chariot, then do not do too many demands of the interior , air conditioning pretty good, to be honest, thIs price can buy “one step” of racing, but also the game, but also on the road, really not that expensive.

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