The car interiors are beautifully designed, young people especially like

beautiful delicate appearance, strong sense of movement, like the body, great texture, should not be so pretty, young and trendy appearance, the appearance Is one of my favorite places, very dIstinct personality, overall appearance comparIson atmosphere.

the appearance of my most satIsfying, work out of the paint, lights satIsfactory design, front headlight design Is very beautiful satIsfaction, lighting effects I feel good enough styling, the front Is still a family style , a high degree of recognition.

the appearance that I choose hIs most important point, may be the cause of personal preference, the appearance of thick atmosphere, angular look quite the sense of hierarchy, feeling thIs Car Will be relatively cool, the design Is quite nice, high-end atmosphere on the grade!

Is very good, very spacious seating space, like the space inside the Car, sitting in the Car that Is not repressed, big enough, space Is also great wife and kids are like, or even feel a little extravagant

generous space, space Is great, sit no problem, enough space, mainly to work and home, enough seating space. I feel enough space for my own use, after all, my Car Is my own usually run in a

ample driving space, generous passenger space, stowage space Is also very good, I 180cm height, after still enough room row, the second row of seats can be adjusted before and after, the backrest Is adjustable, it Is very good, basic enough for home use.