The car interior Is easy to dirty, using these methods, we can maintain them up

bought the Car a few years later, internal decoration always looks dirty, but we also use a damp cloth, then wipe clean, there Is always the feeling that one kind of gray. Many Cars are particularly good appearance, the owner who always spend a lot of money to maintain the appearance of good-looking, but the interior may be a lot of people do not pay attention to, over time, the interior Is more and more black. ThIs time even to go to a professional shop, it Is difficult to restore the original look. Especially the owner Is male, it may only buy a Car one year, you dirty interior to die.

In fact, want to keep the Car interior clean, there are also methods. If the owner himself was not the kind of people particularly like to clean, it Is best to prefer dark interior. As we all know, Is very easy to dirty beige interior, the more light-colored decor, might readily touch, it Will color up. So, when buying a Car does, we should note that thIs problem Is certainly the most black dirt. Do not think thIs Is not a way Oh, and the fact that we buy clothes Is the same reason, would like dirt, choose black.

If only some models really Is light-colored interior, then had to choose it. How to protect such a light-colored trim it? The first Is best not to eat or drink and smoke in the Car. Many of these interiors are cloth material, you eat or drink, whatever accidentally fall down, but thIs Is quite difficult to remove the mark. Even eliminated, there Is always some material damage, so, maintenance of the Car interior, it Is best not to hurt them.

Many families have children, the child Is not sensible, it Is in fact generally these adults do not have a bad influence caused by the interior, but the child Will . If you left a handprint on black beige interior, it Is really hard to read. Do not worry too much at thIs time, we can use a special foam cleaner Car wash, using a special sponge to scrub. It Is relatively easy to eliminate these bad mark.

Now most of the Car seat, the material Is leather. These seats use for a long time, and certainly the dirty. In addition we use foam cleaner can be usedBaking soda to clean these leather seats, the two together, the effect Will be better. We should pay attention Oh, leather seats Is the need for regular maintenance, not to say that only dirty, we want to clean, that time has been too dirty, even more effort, but also can not restore the original look. We have to clean under often, it certainly makes the Car seat looks clean and tidy. Actually, if the old Car, any of these ways Is certainly useful. After all, each product as long as the old, always feel a little dirty.

Cars are the total price Is relatively high, it may be out of the interiors of old, the rest are very good, then we can go to a special Automotive supplies shop to replace some of the interior, such as seat ah like. We do not underestimate thIs change, perhaps directly to the Car changed a lot of new too! Compared to re-buy a Car, thIs Is certainly a more economical way. Generally speaking, you want the Car interiors have been relatively new, still need to change some habits, regular maintenance of these interiors, thIs way we can save a lot of expenses, the Car has been very new, we drove mood Will be very happy.