The brain controls car, combined accelerator pedal, NIssan Technical be “black”

Speaking of Car model and artIstic combination, the Lexus Is absolutely the first to be instituted public brand. Indeed, thIs Is an imaginative Car prices, in hIs possession, would like Automotive technology and abstract art of harmony, also, therefore, Lexus in the US market turns pink innumerable, as many young fans.

However, for the mass consumers, Lexus Is good, but that Is always there, as the sense of standing above the crowd. In fact, the public needs Is the “Art Car” Will be able to get the lowest cost, and thIs, NIssan Is undoubtedly the vanguard.

on the “NIssan Chi Heng” media experience event December 17, involving aspects of security, technology, power and electrification and other black science and technology, in the form of art exhibitions presented so from the Car into a cold metal instrument with a temperature of Chi Heng partner. After thIs moment, the Car seems to feel ahead of the new media intelligence for five years, even 10 years after the vehicle life.

ultimate security, NISSAN i-SAFETY escort

NIssan imagination, and that was not 比雷克萨斯 poor, or even a lot stronger.

hard to imagine that the NISSAN i-SAFETY intelligent active safety systems metaphor for the shuttle beam and the audience staggered, and the United States took a very classical charm name, called from light.

In the interleaving human light, wherein the viewer roam freely, but it Is not touched by the light beam. People thought he was being called to follow the light, not knowing that the light had been “pre-arrest” people every step of the track. Vividly the i-SAFETY intelligent active safety systems that actively avoid braking function for users to experience the way of the Chi Heng escort.

there are more e-Pedal Miaozai integrated intelligent control pedal, i.e. two combined throttle and brake whom Is Kai Is stopped, the speed control Is only one of the priorities, there Is no difference. As word of checks and balances, like, ridingBoard vacant, the water pouring from the sky constantly dIssatIsfied and always bailer does not overflow only mixing of water vapor, under pedal scoop the water pouring in from top to bottom.

for the driver, the driver simply manipulating the accelerator pedal, you can easily complete vehicle start, acceleration, deceleration and braking moving and other operations, easing driver fatigue, make driving more fun. As the title says, the brain control the Car, the accelerator pedal combined, NIssan Technical enough “black.”

leapfrog technology, brain-controlled vehicle technology extremely surprIsing

in science and technology , the NIssan also brought more cool black science and technology, the first thing to say Is that brain-controlled Car (brain-to-vehicle) “technology. Indeed, only from the literal meaning, it has been exciting to , and allow the brain to control the Car, from the current overall state of the Automotive industry Is concerned, Is indeed rare.

However, through on-site “heart-dip” scenario reproduction of the original so black science and technology but not far from reality. it Is reported that NIssan has the technology, the Car has a driver’s ability to interpret the brain signals, the driver Is able to react more quickly communicated to the vehicle, the vehicle according to the driving changes constantly adjusted accordingly, so that the process of driving more fun. “brain control Car” technology by using the signal emitted by the human brain to make driving more enjoyable and exciting.

look ProPILOT intelligent control pilot, using the official definition to NIssan ThIs Is a revolutionary Autopilot technology, you can complete the turn in highway driving in fully Automatic mode, acceleration and braking and other operations, so as to reduce traffic congestion on highways and long-dIstance driving burden to the driver brought .

at the same time, there ProPILOT Park Zhidong control parking assIst system, compared with the common market in terms of Automatic parking system, fully Automatic control of the vehicle acceleration, deceleration, stop, full braking and shifting, but also can Automatically identify the parking space around the vehicle body, the driver noNecessary to add more operations to set the target parking space, freeing the driver from driving the most complicated, the most challenging operation.

navigate power, 2.0L VC-TURBO engine turned out

power consumers are quite concerned context, the long-awaited 2.0L VC-tURBO variable compression ratio turbocharged engine finally came, the head of Ward aura top ten engines, naturally attracted numerous spotlight.

Indeed, thIs Is NIssan spent 20 years researching and developing the latest technology black, Is currently the world’s currently the only variable compression ratio engine. Look Carefully, thIs engine crank linkage subvert the traditional structure, the original multi-link system, the engine compression ratio 8: 1 (high performance) to 14: 1 (high-performance) of the stepless switching. At the same time, the advanced technology Is integrated into a combustion cycle including a double, double fuel injection, and the cylinder spraying technology including the integrated exhaust manifold.

For a more intuitive dIsplay of the strength of thIs engine, NIssan waves were using thIs dynamic interactive device, with a different vibration frequency showing waves general winding down of the scene.

a closer look, long rope driven by the engine of the invIsible waves suspended in front of an audience, thereby affecting the transformation of people walking waveform, as the number of change and movement of personnel, showing endless rope from a complete standstill to transform complex, accompanied by rope across the air to bring the voice of experience, as if the VC-TURBO ITES under different engine compression ratio of surging power and quiet ride.

forward motorized, e-POWER chi charge operation makes thumbs

As the electrification becomes the general trend for the major Car companies, whether in thIs field and work hard to become the core of its future at whether the rapid development.

In thIs regard, NIssan brought e-POWER chi movable charging technology, which Is characterized by all-electric drive with, that Is completely electrically wheelPower Is delivered directly, and the fuel consumption of the engine only charge the battery. NIssan e-POWER Chi charging move more responsive, smoother acceleration, more power efficient, quiet nature comparable to pure electric vehicles, charging and eliminate concerns, enjoying the same pure electric Car driving experience.

In addition, there iffy its mysterious LEAF to Home energy flow through the “LEAF to home” system, the driver can use pure electric NIssan Automotive electrical energy stored in the battery-powered houses. The driver can NIssan pure electric vehicle charging lower electricity at night, and then use the vehicle battery to power homes during the day.

[Conclusion] as the Car industry’s “technical school” leading representative of NIssan in the minds of consumers has been “technology of NIssan,” the DNA, and establIsh from other competitors in the segment of brand totem. Today, science and technology through black show these three areas, leaving consumers to see the real power of science and technology of NIssan, perhaps, it Is because of thIs, it can be more and more popular with consumers like it, do you think?