The bigger the better if the tail fin of the 16 new models that Is the best!

Apollo Intensa Emozione: look at the tail Apollo Intensa Emozione, you’ll understand Why it’s in the text. It Is a huge Carbon fiber, can be extended as much as possible air absorption, but also to make the Car look good. It found even a central region extends from the middle of the fin to the roof, to obtain additional racing effect.

Pagani Huayra BC: Although the “normal” Huayra only a small amount of the active air flap, but also hardcore BC-spec You can install a huge rear wing above the rear wheel.

Ford GT: Ford GT40 taking into account the success achieved on the track, you Will find that any continuation of thIs tradition of racing Will quickly. It also requires a lot of downforce. With the new GT, there Is an invIsible telescopic wings, extending almost to roof height.

McLaren 720S: McLaren 720S Is the annual championship 2019 annual performance of the Car, almost with the company’s P1 superCar similar in performance. Driving up great, it can make any average driver look like a superhero. Its tail most of the time hidden in the body, but when you need to complete under pressure, it Will appear.

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ: Aventador SVJ Is the fastest Lamborghini ever, the best performance V12 Car. It currently has a record New Zealand North fastest production Car, the three-legged tail stands at the rear, due to the active air force ALA Lamborghini, the air can be dIstributed over the tail by turning differently, in order to better control.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS: Porsche 911 in any form of the track are great, but at the end of the name plus the letterThe more track time it faster. The top Is the 911 GT3 RS, which Is hard-core version of the GT3 has been very hard core. As you might expect, it’s a great tail.

Koenigsegg Regera: Koenigsegg Regera no transmIssion, capable of rotating the tire 186 miles / hr. There are 1500 horsepower into the rear hybrid, so you need a big tail. Regera looks very cool, and Will fold into the body when not in use.

NIssan GT-R NIsmo: When the first Car NIssan GT-R on the market, it Is probably the world’s best price one cheap performance Car. Over the years, NIssan’s appearance and not much change, its price has increased steadily, but NIssan engineers also continue out more and more speed from the GT-R. If you spend big money to buy NIsmo version, you Will get a wonderful, there Is a sense of the track tail.

McLaren Senna: Some people may question McLaren Senna appearance, but there Is no doubt that thIs tail it to dominate the entire rear, looks like the Can-Am racing things.

McLaren Speedtail: While at first glance seem McLaren Speedtail no tail, but in fact with a small Carbon fibers winglet raIsed and when not expanded seamless integration with the vehicle body. Incredibly cool stuff.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante: to deserve such title “Performante”, the best Car can bring considerable speed. Huracan Performante did not dIsappoint in thIs regard, in order to help the body maintain a stable top speed, there Is a huge tail in the tail, which Is perfect. Further, by virtue of the aerodynamic active company, from one corner to another corner Adjust theAir into the tail, to maximize grip.

Honda Civic Type R: not go beyond the appearance of new Civic Type R. You either like it or you hate it. The rear wing Is very large, reaching the roof of the same height.

Bentley Continental Supersports: When you see the Bentley Continental Supersports, there Is a difference, than any before it even more continental like a corner machine, however, it Is probably the biggest hint tailgate huge rear wing.

Subaru WRX STI Type RA: according to its appearance on paper, we expect the Subaru WRX STI Type RA dIsappointing . Its engine Is relatively old, and only 37 horsepower ordinary WRX less than it. But if you drive it Will actually realize how good Type RA. That tail Is just a bonus.

Zenvo TSR-S: Zenvo 1200 horsepower TSR-S enormous wing, when it Is actually from a cornering inclined to the other side. ThIs seems to be a wIse idea, but in fact, it may make the Car handling worse.

Corvette ZR1: Corvette ZR1 actually be equipped with two different types of tail: a small, low pressure standard rear wing, tailgate parties located, or dIsplayed here very aggressive version of the largest, with ZTK option package. If you have a 755 horsepower, we might choose a higher downforce options.