The automotive world’s most beautiful 5 car interior, BMW lIst, Crystal lever suction eye too!

When we buy a Car, to take into account not only the performance and appearance of the vehicle, the interior Is also very important point, after all, can bring good interior comfort, pleasant mood. The Automotive world’s most beautiful 5 Car interior, BMW lIst, Crystal lever suction eye too! The first

BritIsh Fei Dini QX50. Japanese luxury Car brand interior sense of luxury has been widely acclaimed, the Car’s interior, there are a lot of off-white color mix, while chrome trim and leather strip material details of the place Is very delicate fashion, in control and LCD instrument panel slowly but also gives a sense of science and technology. People throughout the interior looks very comfortable, blowing open the doors of luxury Is light wind.

paragraph, BMW 7 Series. BMW 7 Series Is BMW’s flagship commercial vehicle models, although people have been Tucao said BMW’s interior Is not very good, but no one ever said that the 7 Series Is not because the 7 Series materials and design are very hard, delicate touch and luxurious colors make thIs million-level luxury Cars can revel in the dIstinguIshed identity of the owner.

paragraph 3, the Lincoln Continental. Lincoln Continental Is in a large luxury Car, hIs interior design of multi-use straight lines, simple without losing the atmosphere, with wood material cover, which thIs Car’s interior has increased by one grade.

fourth paragraph, Volvo XC90. Volvo has always been known as a low-key luxury Car, and a new generation XC90 Is the perfect interpretation of the low-key luxury connotation. The Car uses a high-grade crystal lever, simple style among a crystal lever Is full of luxury atmosphere.

, paragraph 5 new TTS. The Car’s interior has a very sporty style, and positioning TTS perfect fusion, the same simple design, but it represents the future trend of the Audi style.