The aircraft has a domestic first-class seat MPV, the car rolled long Highlander, for only 160,000

we Will go straight to the point, say today’s Car Is Chi Chuan GM8. The Car recently as about a 200,000 MPV hIs attention to the amount and volume always growing, so we need to take it out and said it and see in the end to buy the Car uneconomical. The aircraft has a domestic first-class seat MPV, the Car rolled long Highlander, for only 160 000

New York Automobile Chi Chuan thIs series vehicles. Has always been to go the international route, including our talk today gm8 thIs Is the case. Although its design Is relatively Founder, but without losing the calm atmosphere, but also, and most of the domestic Car Is different Is that thIs Car and there Is no cottage feeling. He went entirely independent of the original route, hIs Car more than five meters long, spike Highlander, and a dual-side door open, very high sense of quality.

interior. New York Automobile Chi Chuan gm8 work Is still very real. There Is the meaning of hIs Dangba position Is placed in the general area of ​​the vehicle air-conditioning control. He did not know thIs practice Is for what? The Car on the details of a large number of hand-stitching designs highlight the Car’s luxury feel. For a domestic level a MPV 200,000, it has reached the level of 300,000 MPV of the joint venture level. HIs second-row seat aircraft comparable to first class. Not only can always adjust the posture of the seat back and the hip, and footrest may be used, and has many heating ventilation and massage functions.

power, the Car’s performance Is not how. Odyssey and it basically the same. But thIs Is also a dIsadvantage most of the domestic vehicle. See see the place looking good, out of sight Is very poor.

In summary, Trumpchi gm8 and Odyssey than toThe more so, there Is still a great advantage, if the comparIson and Buick GL8 words. It Is slightly less, but the price Is cheaper too much, after all, can not be fully placed an order of magnitude compared.