The 10 most popular American luxury SUV, the BMW X3 6, Acura RDX fourth, not the first Mercedes-Benz

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finIshed J.D. Power understand what Is after an institution, that it should be selected out of the Car on the lIst Is quite convincing it. Here, we take a look at J.D. Power recently announced by the United States of the 10 most popular luxury SUV and crossover, in the end look like Americans to buy some kind of luxury SUV models.

tenth, Mercedes-Benz GLE-class

2019 sales: 46010

tenth place Is the Mercedes-Benz GLE, for thIs Car, the old beauty Is so evaluation: it can accommodate up to five people, and standard and sports two body styles, so buy it demonstrates our personality. Came to U.S., in fact, Mercedes-Benz and BMW GLE Is X5, Audi Q7 with the present, it has enough good off-road capability while also doing well in creating a luxurious atmosphere, therefore, in fact, for people GLE Is still quite popular.

ninth, Infiniti QX60

2019 annual sales: 47370

In fact, the domestic Infiniti QX60 owners are not many, the first to know when the Car or because Hunan TV’s “Daddy Where” program, so the QX60 in the country It Is a very small minority. But in the United States, Americans seem to love it compare with their original words, Infiniti Is equipped with a 295-horsepower V6 engine, coupled with three rows of seven space layout, really well for us.

eighth, Acura MDX

2019 annual sales: 51512

eighth most popular models Is the Acura MDX, Honda as a base camp in the United States, in fact, Acura has been selling well. There are four-wheel drive, there are seven, plus the appearance of domineering and Honda brand influence, compared to Mercedes-Benz BMW, Acura Is clearly more appetite for Americans. Of course, the main reason Is that it Is large enough, enough stocky, otherwIse the Americans might not be so fond of it now.

seventh, Cadillac XT5

2019 annual sales: 60565

Is the seventh most popular models of the Cadillac XT5, as Americans own brand, Is certainly to be a lot of support, and the It can be ranked seventh, JD Power reason given Is that of a 5 passenger crossover SUV, Cadillac XT 5 Is characterized by 310-horsepower V6 engine, and offers standard, deluxe, superior deluxe and platinum decoration available. In addition, all-wheel drive Is an option, of course, if you want three rows of seats, you need to wait for the 2020 Cadillac XT6 (refers only to the US market), so XT5 in North America sales Will get 60,565 more normal.

Sixth, the BMW X3

2019 years sales: 61351

mentioned BMW, it should be very fond of the people, on the one hand Is a luxury BMW brand, so the big guy vain, to understand thIs point. On the other hand BMW’s handling Is very good, so therefore it Is quite attracted to the fans as much. The Americans Why the BMW X3 also like to do? I think it might be a good dynamic performance four-wheel drive and off-road-oriented system, after all, the United States Is still very much asphalt road, and to be sure that the BMW X3 Is a duck to water.

fifth, Lexus NX

2019 annual sales: 62079

the fifth most popular models are the Lexus NX, thIs brand of Car can be so forward Is nothing wrong, after all the Americans in the future hi 爱雷克萨斯 on the brand, as to Why I like, I think it Is because of its high reliability it. OtherwIse, Why would you say that Americans so love a NX it? After all, whether it’s gasoline hybrid version or versions, compared to big dIsplacement power are very “weak chicken”, so thIs was a bit puzzled.

Fourth, the Acura RDX

2019 annual sales: 63580

Acura RDX was the most popular, best-selling luxury SUV in the fourth, as I said before, the Acura RDX has an excellent exterior design and four-wheel drive system, coupled with the Honda brand of “magic” and Acura perennial roots and study the American market (like the US public), so the Acura RDX can be sold for fourth place I think it Is deserved of. To say, RDX MDX lower than the price I think it Is a point, after all Acura vehicles Is still relatively ordinary Americans to open more than the wealthy, then how are the Lexus.

Third, Mercedes-Benz GLC level

2019 sales: 69729

compared to the BMW more Niubi Is that there are two models of the Mercedes-Benz into the top ten lIst of the most popular luxury SUV in front of a section GLE, and now Is a Mercedes-Benz GLC up. Admittedly, GLC in the US market Is also very popular, elegant styling, luxurious interior, utility room, plus a last-Benz three-pointed star brand unique charm of a grid, it Is generally difficult not to “Erotic “Therefore, Mercedes-Benz GLC sold so well in the North American market also normal enough. After all, Americans also like to pretend face, while Mercedes-Benz Is a good brand.

second, the Audi Q5

2019 annual sales: 69978

the second most popular model Is the Audi Q5, and the domestic market, the Audi Q5 sales in North America also belongs selling status. Q5 Why would sell so well? Americans said so: Audi can provide a sense of what they want to, with the senior Will have a natural sense of prestige, so the Audi Q5 to meet the majority of Americans vanity, so it has been selling. But here also to say one more thing Is that Audi Is hot, and it can be a nice parent Volkswagen brand Is not good in the United States, which we also want to know.

first, the Lexus RX

2019 annual sales: 111 636

well, the last of which the first Sure Is from RX Lexus family, and for thIs Car Is selected, the old US of original Is thIs: Lexus RX Is America’s most popular luxury Car, the more it Is a medium-sizedWild Car can accommodate 7 people. And a 3.5-liter V6 engine Is standard, also available as an upgrade another hybrid powertrain, so it Is comprehensive. In addition, all-wheel drive (AWD) Is standard equipment, which makes us very happy, plus optional RX hybrid RX 450 h and 350 in two versions, so it Is simply perfect. After lIstening to thIs talk we Will find the original, Lexus loved how Americans are, so therefore we can see, the Lexus work in the United States Is really full harvest ah, people have thIs brand I admire again. But also I have to say one more thing, the US Lexus Car may …

Well, that’s publIshed in the JD Power United States the 10 most popular luxury SUV, was selected for these models do you have anything to say or ask it? Tell me the comments below, let us work together to explore exchange.

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