The 10 models but all power surging engine borrowed from other stores Why not your own?

LEON best friend the day before yesterday raIsed a new Smart home, I always thought it must be the Mercedes-Benz Car engine Germany, however, and after a meal with friends to chat only to find I was completely wrong. Good inspection revealed numerous mysteries Car lap after the Car, such as: a Mercedes-Benz SMART models manufactured in Germany may be equipped with MitsubIshi engine. SurprIse you?

in the wonderful world of Cars, a model from another manufacturer borrowed its engine, especially in the mainstream models and engine areas, which are not uncommon. These examples are too numerous to mention, for a manufacturer of large multinational Automotive group Is especially true.

For example, the Volkswagen Group, for example, the Volkswagen Golf GTI with other brands within the group, including Skoda (Skoda Octavia RS) and the Seat Leon FR (Leon FR) and other brands under the model, which share 2.0 liters turbine engine.

sometimes, even with different ideas and different manufacturers of Automotive family also decided to cooperate and exchange technology, engines, platforms and components. Next, we Will introduce 10 models, they have another engine manufacturer ……

1 Mercedes – Benz (mercedes – benz) class a – Renault engine

Benz a-class Is the fourth generations. Since the launch of the latest models, manufacturers have been providing a variety of engine choices. In A180d in under the hood Is a 1.5-liter dCi diesel engine Renault, Dacia Is also (currently Romania’s largest Car manufacturer in 1999 was acquired by France’s Renault) and NIssan use. It generates 116 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque.

2 Alfa Romeo – Julia QV (Giulia QV) – ​​Ferrari engine

Julia Alfa Romeo QV ( Giulia QV) Is not only a luxury sports sedan, or Alfa Romeo spent heavily in research and development of brand revival of top-quality products, invest 5 billion euros, Germany Is the only truly competitive high-performance luxury sedan of Italian models. In order to achieve 510 horsepower, Alfa Romeo Julia QV (Giulia QV) equipped with 2.9 liters V6 biturbo engine from Ferrari.

3 BMW 116i (F20) – PSA engine

BMW and the French PSA Group jointly develop the EP family engine. ThIs Is 1.4 liters (EP3) and 1.6 liters (EP6) engine, used on the MINI MINI, BMW 1 Series / 3 Series models and PSA Group vehicles.

4. Pagani Huayra– AMG Mercedes engine

Pagani Huayra was launched in 2011 a Italian super sports Car models. In its beautiful body, a V12 engine directly from Mercedes – amg workshop. Depending on the version, thIs engine Will produce different degrees of power. Within thIs range, the V12 provide at least 789 hp (588 kW)!

5. Benz SMART for two —- Renault engine

Smart Fortwo Mercedes – Benz (Mercedes-Benz) unit of a small Car. However, the company 60% of the parts are related to Renault – Twingo’s share. In its body, it has a gasoline engine, shared with Renault and Dacia models. The 2019 generation of SMART Is using a series of MitsubIshi 4A9 engine, collaboration between MitsubIshi and Daimler, developed in 2004, it belongs to the all-aluminum small-dIsplacement four-cylinder gasoline engine Is 1.1 liters, 1.3 liters, 1.5 liter and 1.6-liter dIsplacement four kinds of models.

6 Aston Martin Vantage -. Mercedes AMG engine

Aston Martin has recently introduced a new super sports Car called “Vantage” Is. Like its big brother DB11, it Is from the Mercedes – amg get a 4.0 liters V8 biturbo engine of.

7 Lamborghini Huracan te -. Audi Audi engine

Is a high-performance Lamborghini Huracan fastest Nurburgring one of superCar. Italian sports Car performance so remarkable benefit of thIs V10 FSI engine. And under the hood of the Audi R8 Is also reproduced in thIs engine.

8 Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS -. Audi engine

Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS – from Netherlands ultra-light sports Car manufacturer, only 40 limited edition, like Lotus sports Car, people are looking for pockets of excess pounds. Car weighs less than 1,543 lbs (700 kg), driven by a 2.5 l Audi five-cylinder turbocharged engine. We find the same engine in the Audi TT RS and RS3 hood.

9 Lotus Evora – Toyota Engine

Lotus Evora was launched in 2009, Is still on the market. Its V6 engine developed by Toyota, providing 436 horsepower (325 kilowatts) in lotusevora GT430 in.

10. GT86– Subaru Toyota engine

Is a sports Car Toyota GT86 by a natural suction four-cylinder gas engine. It Is Subaru – BRZ cousin, and design of these two Cars are not identical. Both Cars are made Subaru engine design and development, it has 200 horsepower (149 kilowatts) of output power.