Thanks Teng new energy vehicles, so that you feel close to 49 inches “black technology” charm

domestic Car new Car recently also been the introduction of new, from New York to Chongqing Auto Show Auto Show and then deep Hong Kong and Macao Auto Show, so we see the development of the US Auto industry. The Car Will happen next read Carefully, because thIs Is thanks to Proton’s first SUV.

The BYTON Concept Internet-based new energy vehicles, constructed in the shape, gives the first impression of the Car Is science fiction. It canceled the grille, the whole body are connected as a whole. The interior Is full sense of science and technology, 1.25-meter-wide screen plus the driver gesture control, but also feel it simple?

around next to the front and rear headlights cable, capable of dIsplaying the charge status of the Car, there Is a bright spot Is that in the face of the same time, thIs the Car Will Automatically send a signal to be friendly. The release of the Car, so thanks Proton Cars became a luxury Car, after all, it Is the positioning of the Car’s limousine.

The Car Is expected to take space than the BMW 5 Series spacious, people must see thIs Car Will be dIsplayed in the middle of the steering wheel 9 inches touch to attract the screen, which allows the driver to easily adjust some of the equipment of the Car, such as seat adjustment.

The Car did not design the rearview mirror, but Is equipped with a camera on the side instead, a broad field of vIsion to more than the rear-view mirror. Power, the Car Is divided into two four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive versions of the battery pack, respectively 71kWh and 95kWh, continuous voyage mileage of 400KM and 5520KM. Electric vehicles Will certainly have to consider charging problem, its charging speed Is also worth mentioning that it would be able to charge in just half an hour to 30%.

After the Car Is expected to mass production in 2020, priced at about 30 million, did not know the Car production, Tesla pressure Will follow from it.