Thanks Teng announced the first production car interior map, reserved 48-inch full screen

Proton released thanks to the first production Car BYTON M-Byte interior details of the design of FIG. Car interiors with a new encircling shape.

new Car Will be the iconic 48 inches full screen sharing Will remain in full production Car, not only that, the new Car also demonstrated a 7-inch touch screen driver and the steering wheel physical buttons, 8 inches touch screen and other central hardware design details.

worship Proton Car, since its inception in 2016, gone through a lot of dIstance, and the United States International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas thIs year (CES It made its world debut on). Founder and co-chairman Feng Changge worship Proton Car, but also the chairman of the harmony of the Car.

2019, thanks to soar in Las Vegas officially released its first concept Car BYTON Concept, and at the New York Auto show thIs year, April 25, and thanks to Proton Car bring BYTON Concept officially unveiled the first models, advanced design sense and excellent interior gives the left a deep impression.

M-Byte header thanks Teng white vehicle body assembly line has been officially Nanjing facility. Will be the world premiere of the third quarter of thIs year and officially launched at the end of production, the price range Is expected 30-40 million, and lIsted at the end of 2020.

worship Teng announced that Dr. Xia Ande (Dr. Andreas Schaaf) formally appointed chief customer officer (Chief Customer Officer), while the former chief engineer of Ford’s global project Baoan Di Teng also formally joined the prayer served as vice president of project management, responsible for leading worship Teng-product project, the establIshment of project management processes and teams.

Dr. Xia Ande has in the Automotive industry for more than 20 years of experience, previously served as president of Cadillac in Europe and the US; BMW Group also worked for 19 years, responsible for Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe related businesses in various fields has accumulated rich experience.

and Baoan Di Is an experienced Automotive project engineer with more than 20 yearsCross-border experience. Prior to joining worship Teng served as chief engineer at Ford Motor global project engineering research and development center in Nanjing.

With the addition of two executives also Will expand the global Teng worship management team, solid foundation for the layout of the product of globalization. Thanks Teng Automotive products very competitive in the current market, such as full-screen smart technology market Is currently not available. In the future, thanks to the Proton Car might get better results.