Ten “pit father” of the engine, Lexus and Jaguar are on the lIst, the first place you’d never guess

from the home to the scooter senior luxury Car, the Car industry has always been there are a number of infamous models. The door hinge axIs, the balloon burst transmIssion lock, engine smoke, various recall has been denied. Too many people feel the Car parts easy problem.

In these components problems, the most annoying than the engine failure. 2-cylinder or 12-cylinder Car does not matter, but as long as there Is even a key component Is broken, you Will be able to throw on high speed. May run a lot of Cars 10, 20 ten thousand km no problem, some engine problems Is the womb of the inner tube, innate.

either because of poor engineering design, poor materials, poor assembly technique or combination of components Is matching bad, what if thIs crappy Car assembly engine, not only fun to drive full no, I am afraid the factory Will make Cars even wicked, infamy continue it. So, the question Is, what engine it bad home?

We reluctantly, defiance to expose a sCar expose these depot. Of course, we take let bygones be bygones, the past aside mind, sort out those who have classic engine, or there are still some flaw. Those engine was no large-scale recall; some from the beginning of the lIsting implies a terrible failure rIsks; and after the sale also some mediocre, very few sales.

10. Cadillac V8 6-4

1981 Cadillac engineers have been out of thIs effort to build section of the engine, which the V8-6-4 engine with closed cylinder capacity, many Cadillac engines have the technology. Demand change dIsplacement, may increase or decrease in power demand, which Is eight cylinders 2 can intervene or stop working at any time.

However, manufacturers of custom hydraulic tappets to work in cooperation solenoid, solenoid and thIs in turn prone to malfunction, resulting in time to intervene lifters do not match, eventually tappet does not move, the valve can not be opened. Results for large vehicles equipped with such an engine, the cylinder valve Is closed after the response lagSerious, resulting in throttle response procrastination. At the time, thIs problem Is very serious, widespread. Eventually, General Motors GM dealers Is recommended to give up full-time work thIs close cylinder technology, simple and direct, big V8. Today, technology has been very effective closing cylinder. But back to 37 years ago, the technology even if it died belly.

9 MitsubIshi 3-cylinder engine

78 hp, 100 Nm, so that bad data, can not MitsubIshi 3-cylinder engine self-priming have any illusions. Yes, we are talking about Is the MitsubIshi launched soon GT Car. Or at the end of 2016, those who opened the Car said, “No they do not understand love, no passion, not enough Hey!”

The 1.2 l self-priming engine, performance comparable machine, extreme slow acceleration. People complain that Car critics, dare to open it overtaking at high speed on the process, enough to figure out how you spend life in danger. Owners hear more of engine noIse, Kelly Blue Book Car outspoken critics, “the bolt thrown into a blender it! You know shrill noIse and vibration of thIs engine friends.”

MitsubIshi status plummeted in the United States Is not without reason.

8. Mopar 2.2 liter

Mopa (Chrysler supplier) prior to the introduction of 2.2L Engine Company flourIshing. Nightmare are custom supercharged engine start from Chrysler. When in the 1980s, Dodge in a variety of small Cars are equipped with thIs power system, and almost at the same time, almost all of these vehicles face the same fate. But the great irony Is that if the upgrade of cast iron cylinder head, replace some of the air cushion accessories, thIs 2.2 liters supercharged engine Will burst out amazing power potential. As a result, users of earlier bitter experience of many power plants, declared no longer was senseless for such improvements Will pay for the upgrade.

7. Oldsmobile V8 diesel engine

Like diesel emIssions door Volkswagen, GM General Motors years ago, also experienced a “diesel door.” When the response to the oil crIsIs, Oldsmobile Oldsmobile brand engineers decided to use crude oil compression ignition technology to achieve fuel-efficient purpose. Later it proved to be a costly mIstake. They chose the wrong technical route directly transplanted supercharged diesel technology has been molded to the new engine, Car prices by thIs “transformation” to gasoline-saving way to achieve the purpose of research and development expenses. Consumers did not appreciate the amazing results of power performance (120 hp, 298 Nm), but won in the hIstory of the worst notoriety engine, diesel vehicles also damaged the reputation of the United States to some extent.

Oldsmobile build thIs engine fuel due to the ultra-high compression ratio, low-quality bolt cylinder bear, have come off, but the situation deteriorated rapidly. Additionally, not equipped with oil-water separator, the water did not effectively separated, and the fuel pump when the timing belt premature aging and other Issues, not the vehicle ran 50,000 km, in respect scrapped. Due to the widespread impact of the final consumer class action. The infamous Oldsmobile engine to promote the nation’s legIslators drafted the bill’s first lemon.

6. Lexus 2.5 liters V6

V6 literally too many such combinations are stacked modern technology, but the previous generation Lexus IS250 but did not bring too much sense of movement. Shrink version of the 2.5-liter V6, in addition to the dIsplacement of relegation, but also subject to emIssion limits, so that the Car critics and users who have scoffed.

in a sunny day, open on thIs 2.5 liters V6 (150kW, 250Nm) you Will not feel more powerful than the previous generation Honda Civic Si sporty, people may also less two cylinders yet. In 2013, Consumer Reports pointed out that “the Lexus 250 Is very mediocre, neither sports nor luxury,” It Is thIs “lazy acceleration” has been criticized. And for fuel economy also dIsappointed, reached a rating level of larger dIsplacement V6.

5 Chevrolet 2.2 l Ecotec

If the new 2.2L Ecotec engine, close to perfect, but if the catch in 2006 before that generation, be wary. The four-cylinder engine with a high failure, low power named, like often for new head gasket and the timing chain assembly often.

thIs engine mounted on many models, when the media user advice, poor performance, not recommended to buy. In addition to the power, durability Is also very bad. When ran 80,000 km, leading to corrosion of the material pIston plug, thIs Is fatal to the Ecotec engine. That Hot Rod Network editor that complained about thIs engine “General Motors GM must be behind closed doors in the development of thIs engine, there Is no engineering design at all!”

4. the first Ford V8 engine

the iconic Ford flathead V8 engine was first engine produced by the Blue Oval, but a production that Is more than two decades. It Is thIs engine with the Americans entered a new era of rapid transit. However, hIstory has given a different rating.

based on early user reports and Automobile hIstorians say, there are various problems with earlier versions of Ford. A condition of anonymity, said the experts, it was not the hardening of steel pIston rings used in inappropriate, causing the engine burning oil. Because cooler design flaws, high cylinder tail than to the front portion of the cylinder temperature, intake manifold air-fuel ratio suitable to keep the total match. Ignition coils and pumps often go wrong.

3. Jaguar V12 engine

Jaguar V12 engine failures are mostly due to overheating. Because the ignition system and fuel injection nozzle happens concentrated in the V-shaped bottom, and closely spaced. With a long time Will be damaged. ThIs design also has its space-saving benefits, and use good start, but over time, the planetary gear premature wear, it becomes a time bomb in the engine.

Jaguar harness systems have been the influence of the engine overheating, lines close to the engineRoad skin Will rupture, causing electrical failure. Earlier versions of the external engine attached to a large snakeskin hose rupture, leakage Is a common thing.

2. Subaru 2.0 and 2.5 liter boxer engine

ThIs year, because of the large fuel consumption, Subaru the naturally aspirated boxer engine 2.0 and 2.5 criticized, subject to the investigation. At first the manufacturers said thIs, and they are irrelevant, and inform the user, run a few thousand kilometers, oil supplement Is normal. If a new engine fuel consumption within reasonable limits, Is understandable. The situation may have evolved to the point where government intervention.

2016, things took a new turn. Subaru finally acknowledged the problem and agreed to free maintenance, extended warranty. In a public statement, the manufacturers admitted that due to the pIston ring design flaw, 2011 – the presence of excessive oil consumption in 2015, the production of some models. Since Informed do not move, and being sued. Ultimately, dealers must be free to replace a large number of defective part. Has thus, today topped the lIst of second place!

1.Yugo 55

as early as the end of 1983, Yugo has introduced a 1.1 l Carburetor engine, only a mere 55 power, the fastest speed of only 138 km, or results in the downhill, but also became the worst reliability of the engine. And with thIs engine Serbian (Serbian) models then won the severity of the slowest sales models, we can see the problem.

Another Achilles’ heel Yugo 55 Is maintenance intensive. Timing belt should be replaced every 65,000 km time to reduce the belt stuck, damage to the engine case top cylinders. In addition, it shall inefficient pump drive failure-prone Carburetor also accelerate the brand’s dIsappearance. The spring of 1992, EPA announced the Yugo in the sale of all models are to meet emIssion standards, Yugo company completely from the hIstorical stage.

engine as the heart of the Car, has been underlie the entire Car, economy, power, emIssions and environmental protection are all enginesRunning about. In addition the Car engine Is the most complex parts, which cost about 25% to 35% of the whole vehicle prices. So there was a small engine failure must not “condoning” timely submIssion.