Ten most unusual inventory Ferrari Ferrari ahead of McLaren F1 thIs spawned three seat models


N.A.R.T Ferrari Boxer: When you have a Ferrari 512 and you want to participate in the competition, how would you do? ThIs Is the result.

250 SWB Drogo: also referred Breadvan, which Is a 250 SWB, with the new and modified through 250 GTO competition. It Is commIssioned by the Giovanni Volpi, Volpi poach because when Ferrari employee at ATS, Enzo Ferrari refused to sell him 250 GTO.

575 GTZ Zagato: Zagato using a 575M Japanese customers and a manufacture can be recalled 250 GTZ models. It produced a total of six.

SP1: Fioravanti as wealthy Japanese customers and fans made of a single, F430 and make use of the body more smooth,

Sergio: to commemorate Ferrari designer Sergio Pininfarina, the Ferrari 458 Will be based on six manufacturing production version of the concept Car.

365 Tre Posti: Ferrari rejected road when producing mid-engine Car, Pininfarina and manufactured yourself a mid-engine 365 with three front seats. NART fame Luigi Chinetti bought it, but only one.

F12 TRS: a wealthy owners Will be converted into F12 Berlinetta F12 TRS, thIs Is a barchetta-style speedster. There are rumors that it had a KERS hybrid system, but it Is not. HoweverAnd, it looks and sounds amazing.

F60 America: To celebrate the 60th anniversary of entering the US market, which Is the convertible version of the F12. Before the Car debuted, it produced only 10 and sold.

P4 / 5 Competizione: Jim Glickenhaus has a simple garage mad. But two of hIs greatest creation may be based P4 / 5 based P4 / 5 Competizione 430 Scuderia Enzo’s. P4 / 5 Is a pure road racing, but Competizione Is to compete in the Nurburgring. For whatever reason, Ferrari Will not be officially recognized Competizione, so it wears Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus logo.

SP12 EC: EC Car names on behalf of Eric Clapton, it’s a 458, Clapton want to look like a 512BB. In fact, there are rumors that he also wanted a V12,