Ten mid-size sedan interiors contest! Which do you think can trim bright blind your eyes?

hello Hello, everyone, today small for everyone to do a report, to race with the most beautiful interior Chevrolet Which, I chose several vehicle sales and word of mouth are relatively high today let us race with the interior of it.

1. Audi A4L lead the charge, A4L has been the dream of a small series vehicles, which Is the small part I bought two a day lottery money power! (Struggle!) Audi A4L currently priced at 29.00-41.10 Wan

2.2020 paragraph Passat, Is a strong number! The new Passat sales leader and Interior can not get away! Which big God can send a small series Passat! (Wuzui laughing) The new Passat Is currently priced at 18.99-30.39 Wan

3. 2020 MAGOTAN, as a mass of loyal fans, though old Teng interior worse then a Diudiu, that the public Is taking the quality route! Each quality Is not the general public! The new Magotan Is currently priced at 18.99-31.69 Wan

4. Highlander interior relatively idle stable, and the price may also be there are a dime relationship between the bar! The new Highlander Is said that a strong upgrade, thIs has yet to be look! All-new Highlander currently priced at 23.98-42.28 Wan

5. Racal Texas ES, high interior atmosphere , successful people and young talent can start, after Junsheng like thIs village eight miles we would not consider it! ES Racal Texas currently priced at 27.9-46.80 Wan

6. 2020 Cadillac ATS-L, it Is said to be the interior full sense of science and technology, create the appearance began to go from sporty, interested friends can look at. Cadillac ATS-L currently priced at 29.88-42.88 Wan

7.2020 paragraph new free light, small personal Is very optimIstic about thIs Car, free light in the SUV sector Is also regarded as Oil Stick, but sales have been not very OK, really people are very embarrassed, but free light interior you like it? The current price Is 279,800 light free from ……

8.2019 paragraph Taurus Mondeo’s exterior design has been Is a controversial, love love, hate cocked it up! Xiao Bian also let a lot of trouble ah, the interior Is also worthy of praIse, driving feel very good, the current price of 23.48-31.89 Wan

9. Lincoln MKC, the recent price drop too much, aesthetic personality of the character created interiors, many high-tech features, the Car late I Will write a report, to explain in detail the time, to him to help factory! Lincoln MKC Is currently priced at 27.58-38.88 Wan

10. Plantinga from Elias GT, small series that changed the shell Is K5 children, the price doubled a lot, Xiao Bian little introduction, we speak freely now! The current price of 27.98-31.98 million.

Summary: like what to interior trim ten Car models it? Welcome everyone a lot of messages, a lot of support