Ten car standard luxury car rankings and see what a luxury car lIst?

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as the bag Is the same woman’s favorite Car Is undoubtedly every man wants to have something. More addicts grew up with in-depth study of the Car. As for luxury Cars, but many men dream of things. Even if they can not have, often to see them on the network. So the top ten luxury Cars Car standard ranking lIst to see which Car ho of it? And which one do you prefer? The fifth lot of people do not unfamiliar.

10. Lexus, Toyota’s as a Japanese Car, the Lexus with high utilization of its interior space, comfortable seating, ultra-low fuel consumption and good-looking and comfortable interior has won the praIse of many owners. Its price between a few 100000-1000000, in the case of the same price, performance comparable BMW and Mercedes-Benz, but I do not know Why the Car’s popularity has been more limited.

9. Rolls-Royce, the Car should be as representative of luxury Cars often been instituted, people can only look at a glance its luxurious. Prices are generally a million, of course, there are many tens of millions of Cars.

8, Ferrari, Ferrari logo surely you Car people are very familiar with, it Is a galloping horse. We most often see the Ferrari brand vehicle Is a luxury sports Car and superCar. Ferrari I do not know how many men dream of things.

7, Lamborghini, and Ferrari logo Is somewhat similar to Lamborghini’s logo Is a golden cow. Lamborghini Is an Italian brand, Is one of the world’s super sports Cars and luxury goods logo.

6, Maybach, Mercedes-Benz Maybach Is the company’s vehicle type, its production headquarters in Germany, mainly produces high-end Cars, the price of a few million.

5, the red flag, red flag as the more famous of U.S.’s luxury Car brand,Mainly more common in the country. It special Is that red Car L5 do not rely on money can buy, the Car’s identity to be reviewed.

4, Bentley, Bentley brand from the UK, one of the representatives of luxury Cars, also frequently been mentioned. But Bentley’s price Is very high.

3, Pagani, a brand from Italy, the logo Is very ordinary, simple EnglIsh alphabet. But prices generally change Cars at more than 10 million, many people could not try to buy.

2, Bugatti, Bugatti brand from the public, with its characterIstic “fast” Is well known, its prices are more than 20 million, more a symbol of wealth.

1, Siebel, as the top of the lIst, it Is an American brand. Although the production Is not long, but the price Is far more than some of the old brand.