Technology can also feel! Seven-year-old man driving vintage cars downtown rush

restated Mobile Media December 28 (Reporter Rao Fang Jing) December 22 morning, an old section “KIA” brand Cars running in the downtown area, the body still rickety. Jiulongpo DIstrict Patrol Detachment brigade police on duty XIEJIAWAN be stopped and saw the driver turned out to be was a seven-year-old man.

The police inquiry and examination, the driver Zhan has more than 70 years old, was driving the vehicle was regIstered in 2003, but not examined. In thIs regard, Zhan explained that thIs classic Car he had used for years, full of feeling, not Willing to change. Usually their own little Car on the road, so the Car did not send the trial last year. He felt hIs technique also can not be an accident. “Police comrades, can not be exempt from punIshment thing.” Zhan said.

Subsequently, the police to lawfully Zhan a fine of 100 yuan, subtract 3 points. Meanwhile, the police reminded the majority of older drivers friends: Please consider the physical condition, to assess whether they have to continue to drive physical condition. In addition, a good vehicle driving performance, ensure safe driving.