Take a look at new car Photo: striking appearance, practicality Is also very good

red Volkswagen T-ROC exploration song luxury four-wheel drive, take a look at thIs Car, innovative and unique overall styling Is very popular now, give to one kind of unique classical temperament, there are certain advantages in its class

very handsome Lexus LC, the Car Is very good sales recently, with the trend of relatively cool appearance design, able to show most vividly reflected hIs strength and fearless

orange BMW MINI, look at the Car, adding a lot of new Car design philosophy, but also added a lot of elements embellIshment, very fine, looks relatively liking

looked at the front face of a black sport utility vehicle BX5, look at the Car, the whole Car line Is more smooth and more complex, but also to the Car appears to have more texture, but also relatively easy to use

gem blue Chevy pickup models, appreciation about the Car, the overall body lines are compared using streamlined design , giving a low steady movement range, Is relatively easy to use

wild big black Mercedes G, thIs Car Is very classic Car, streamline the overall design of the more popular thIs year, to give a strong sense of thick, linear enough, it Is very easy to control, sense of pessimIsm