Surface fastest supersonic car: speed of over 10 kilometers, also carrying rocket engines!

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human evolution from primitive to now, has been living in constant revolution, not the revolution, there Is no society Is so advanced now, so continuing down the revolutionary spirit of innovation continues in every corner of the human, going, no way interrupted, thIs Is creating a human king of thIs world.

and in science and technology, even more so, in every Traffic under way, could there be condensed wIsdom and hard work of many people, in all vehicles, the Car can be said to be the most close to the people, people Carrying the crowd favorite in the Car to play, the Car’s horsepower and faster in the transformation you Will surely be curious Is not a Car run faster than sound faster it?

most of the world’s most Curiously, thIs Car the fastest Car, also known as “supersonic Car”, speed can reach more than one thousand km / h, the Car the overall shape of the bullet-shaped made sharp, which Is the maximum reduction in the resIstance of the air and external friction, so that more energy can be used in the above vehicle power system.

big heart Automobile engine, the designers have also spent a lot of thought. After the Car’s engine Is composed of two parts, the first Is commonly used in Europe for high-power engine typhoon situation to start a Car, then speed up to a certain speed, in order to continue to increase the horsepower we need the next thing .

It Is commonly used in rocket engine equipment, can provide power for the second Car, so the Car Is under continuous acceleration state, in such a state Will arrive at the fastest speed. Under such a fast speed, if not pay attention to security Issues, driving the Car driver Will have a certain degree of rIsk, so both sides of the Car Is installed on the two huge plywood for block sand.

because of the high speed, the Car was impossible to drive on the highway, but also allows us to really understand to the exIstence of the fastest Cars.

Well, today we Will introduce here, we next goodbye!