Support for solar charging car hood? Ford’s new patent exposure

set piconet, according electrek message, Ford has announced a patent application, means mounted in the roof, just touch switch, the entire package will be able to park a vehicle in a solar cell under the protection plate.

The report said the release from Ford C-Max Solar concept car has been more than six years. 2014, Ford CES show can track movement of the sun roof solar power system using a Fresnel lens and concentrated energy, charging plug-in hybrid C-Max, the system may generate Ford claims 8 kilowatts electricity.

Ford The description of this technique is the challenge for vehicle mounting surface of the solar cell is relatively limited, so (the battery) is not big enough. Thus, Ford outlined in its new patent application is a peculiar deformation mounted on a roof: one thin film solar cell with a flexible covering fabric automatically by bumper or rear locker control center axis.

In addition, Ford this patent application will be described as a flexible protective cover the protective cover, it expands through a pneumatic pump, which is saved by the automatic solar power system. After complete deployment, the shape of the shield is held by memory polymer. It is worth mentioning that the slide driver by activating a control system of the solar module is switched between the stored state and the extended.

Ford is not the only company dedicated to installing solar panels on the electric car company. Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan and Tesla have tried to charge electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles on the roof.

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