Summer heat, the car should be how the sun, how to avoid paint damage and spontaneous combustion?

summer heat, long-term exposure to the sun, the impact in terms of bringing the paint is relatively large, a long time will lead to the phenomenon of aging of the paint, while the summer heat is also likely to induce the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion vehicle summer is also a vehicle for the persecution, in the summer, how to avoid burst Sai car for a long time will be damage to the paint, followed by how to avoid spontaneous combustion?

for the first burst Sai to the car for a long time how to avoid damaging the paint were a few that we can take the following measures to solve this problem, first of all the first aspect, when the summer heat in the parking time, try to find where the temperature is low, the situation can be qualified vehicles parked in the underground garage and the like, followed by sewing cover can affect the use of the body above would also be able to avoid direct sunlight brings.

The last is the case, when the vehicle in the summer, if no conditions, does not need to worry about, like a crystal can be plated, the plating applied to the crystal is equivalent to the above vehicle paint a protective film. For the summer, how to avoid spontaneous combustion can start from the usual car and keep a car, car to the usual point of view, to avoid spontaneous combustion in vehicles require regular maintenance of the above related maintenance, while avoiding the conversion line, if the line involving such the modification, or the like to check whether the coil fixed and sealed well.

prevent a large load in the car above the traveling of the vehicle, the vehicle for the same time also to avoid the vehicle at work, there is a high temperature, generally from the need to avoid the need to use autoignition of the vehicle above avoid aggressive driving, while regular maintenance for the vehicle, so no matter what the environment and high temperature, for vehicles, not what spontaneous combustion phenomenon.