Summer car seat multi-select the most appropriate of the following

With the temperature rIsing, almost to the point of no air conditioning I can not stand in our daily driving, especially driving for a long time no Car seat ventilation, the election of a cool and comfortable cushion becomes particularly important, here to introduce several relatively cool summer cushion.

bamboo cushion

bamboo cushion, the advantage Is cool faster, cheap affordable, Is good owners s Choice. But bamboo cushion life Is short, life Is generally used for two or three years. Although relatively cool bamboo cushion, bamboo cushions but airtight, Will become hot when no air conditioning, prolonged use can damage the leather seats.

Ice silk cushion

ecological ice silk cushion made fibers, having good air permeability, anti-static, soft to the touch. After the sun rIse in temperature Is slow, more suitable for human skin. For women to wear skirts in the summer.

linen cushion

linen cushions texture slightly harder than ice silk cushion some of the fibers are natural substances . Asia absorbent and permeability Is relatively good, harmless to humans, but there Is a lot of swelling can better absorb sweat, non-stick skin, breathable, affordable, more cushion shape.

bamboo cushion blocks

bamboo cushion Is divided into two blocks, using a sheath portion made of bamboo, bamboo core portion using another production. Of course, the first block of material smoother skin of bamboo, some of the cooler, some people Will shop summer sleeping mat thIs bamboo block, bamboo block and cushion the price Is generally more affordable. But there are many shortcomings, hard, the gap Is relatively large, it Is easy to scratch the seat.

at the time of purchase should be noted that how to pick:

The first Is to look at work, gaps and weaving density Is symmetrical in all aspects, there Is a great many places there Is no gap asymmetric situation, if any, to be cautious choice. Second to touch texture, some workAspect Is the need felt by hand and touch the materials used if fine, feels very comfortable feeling, no glitches, no rough Is quite good.