Such clever cut into the automotive industry such as Huawei

[News – oxCart Network] In recent years, Huawei’s position in the hearts of people across the country can be described as paramount, if Huawei says that he Is not the first American-made brand, no one would dare say first estimate. Watching overseas, Huawei has single-handedly against the madness dogged US and European powers, wanton blow, and stubborn resIstance, a real national hero style, confirms the sentence of Nietzsche: “That can not kill us, so us stronger. “for my generation, it can only buy a few mobile phones, Huawei, to support table.

April 24, Huawei have a big move, let the Car industry attention, which co-FAW Hongqi, FAW, SAIC passenger Cars, Yutong buses, New York Automobile new energy, BYD, Changan, Great Wall Motors and other Car companies first 18, release set up “5G Automotive ecosystem” to accelerate the process of commercial 5G technology in the Automotive industry, with Car prices make consumers aware build together the 5G Car.

Huawei Is a leading global ICT (information and communication) infrastructure and intelligent terminal providers, cultivating layout smart Car + Car networking many years and had a profound understanding of with the depth of integration of Automotive and information communication technology, intelligent network-linked vehicles Will become the new engine of the revolutionary development of human society, its impact far more than the two industries themselves. Intelligent Network of Cars Will human society, the Automobile industry, people travel to make a huge difference, as a strategy, Huawei Will definitely attention and entered the Automotive industry, in fact, to Huawei’s financial resources, capacity and ultra-high impact build a Car factory or the acquIsition of a company Car to take steps to practice intelligent network linking the Car, it Is every minute thing, but Huawei Is very smart, early released its strategic choice: Huawei does not make Cars, focusing ICT technology, intelligent face became incremental network of Automotive component suppliers to help Car firms “made good” Car, made “good Car.”

Huawei, a clear strategic decIsion brings with it at least three advantages: first, in a professional to do the professional thing principle, Huawei can concentrate on more intelligent network of Car-related intelligent network linking solution, without having to do it dIstracted unfamiliar Car manufacturing and sales, avoiding mIstakes on thIs link; second, most significant and most get a wide range of aspects of the Automotive industry stand byBoth contribute to the development of common industrial products, but also easy with a variety of Automobile plant joint development of personalized products; third, the only suppliers of mode, so that Car manufacturers both familiar and receptive to, while Huawei not only get the maximum benefit, more importantly, it provides all kinds of Automobile plant for various forms of application scenarios, allowing rapid development of its technology and the floor as soon as possible, the industrialization process Will be greatly accelerated, which Is Huawei’s strategy best shortcut target, it really Is the powerful combination to an extreme.

Huawei has set up a business unit of intelligent Automotive solutions, and to implement strategies for intelligent network-linked vehicles. They linked the Car for intelligent network solutions, including five aspects: First, most traditional intelligent network linking the Car and how the cloud, Cars and trucks, Cars and things, to link with neighboring Car; the second Is the intelligent driving; the third Is the intelligent cockpit; fourth Is intelligent electric; the fifth Is to help Car firms and support the development of innovative travel services cloud services, to achieve thIs goal five directions, that Is the true sense of the Car to help enterprIses build a good Car.

smart as Huawei, also contrasting some stupid, stupid people too much, such as the widely derided as good as well-made Car PPT well, blabbering ecological to Bluff a great God, and for new energy vehicles such little knowledge, but dare all positions sIster now reached a confused dilemma, and so on. The really difficult repairer far beyond a layman might expect, Is more than Gehangrugeshan, even companies within the Automotive industry, want to move beyond an unfamiliar varieties fix Will lose the whole game, for example, when Great Wall Motor to enter them completely unfamiliar with the bus industry, Wang Fengying told me was the phrase: “we rely on a strong network of 4S shop to sell passenger Cars Will certainly” make me laugh out several rounds of toss, very quickly find their own bus filled not imagine, the great Wall Is still very high level of courage, he quit immediately, and work hard to do what they are familiar with from the single-minded SUV, was a great success. Also a passenger, then confidently FAW Bus Company set up a high-profile, Zhu total inaugural meeting told me that the phrase in Airbus: “We want to do things FAW Nothing Is impossible” seems just yesterday, almost near 20 years later, FAW passenger Car never entered the ranks of first-class passenger Car plant, to be mediocre Is already a helpless thing. and so,For the uninitiated, what thoughts move, do not move easily thought of the Car, as the Automotive industry insiders, whenever I hear someone has entered the Automotive industry, first denied and then look again denied basically wrong, then take a look after also positive, so far it seems to have not.

Therefore, it Is a big hit Huawei wIsdom of the enterprIse, we can write the formula, be sure to look at again definitely! Huawei’s intelligent network of five major sections Car, smart Car cloud, intelligent network linking, intelligent cockpit, smart driving, smart electric has been launched, great ambition there, sail sea, I believe Huawei, Huawei also wIsh the best of luck.