Successful people understand the car’s low-key, love to buy what kind of car?

Speaking of the luxury brand, familiar to everyone Is the BBA. But if you want to highlight their personality and taste, several luxury brands may be a better choice. Today, the professor gave you sort out some of the selling points and shortcomings of other luxury brands.

Lexus Is a big black horse during the past two years the Automobile market down, the price of other brands busy selling Cars when Lexus was still there increase sales, but sales also increasing.

keyboard Man on the network, after reading Lexus vehicle parameters, Will curse buy Lexus owners silly money. Because of its power system configuration, and so there Is no difference with a Toyota. After reading the keyboard Xia surface parameters, beat keyboard cursed Lexus: “change your LOGO on one hundred thousand Pooh?”

So Why Lexus looks expensive and not cost-effective, but the owner to increase to mention Car?

One Is the Lexus six years 150,000 km free maintenance, BBA reference level of maintenance costs, maintenance costs equivalent to six years of more than 20,000, if you Car frequently, thIs free maintenance policy can save more money. ThIs Is also the reason for the more expensive Lexus.

and the second Is the Lexus workmanship and design better than Toyota. Toyota’s internal classification, the best Toyota work can only be class B, and all the workmanship level Lexus Is the most advanced A-level. When you touch the Lexus real Car, you would think thIs Car Is really worth the price.

However, the performance of the Lexus models are not outstanding, whether it Is Car, SUV or sports Car product, the total acceleration than with the price of the product weaker, so the pursuit of user performance Is not going to choose the Lexus.

compare the current Lexus models are worth buying ES, RX, LS, several of which are relatively new in the Lexus brand models. The IS, NX Is the previous generation models, Interior design language, or polyline dIstinct set of the previous generation design language, as thIs generation of elegant, IS and small size, power and no particularly strong. NX Is moderation balanced, but only 390,000 RX entry, I really do not add something?

With a huge concessions Cadillac has become the fourth domestic sales of luxury brands. The previous generation of Cadillac products are not many, XTS and ATS-L only two domestic models, but not prominent selling point.

Body length

CT6 has reached the D-Class level

generation Cadillac famous leapfrog size, need only look closely, CT6, XT4, XT5 well as upcoming CT5 are at the same level in the size of the largest models. Open out, the momentum to be higher than a similar vehicle owners.

Another advantage of Cadillac turbocharged engine Is 2.0T regardless of the level of power, maximum torque of 241 unified maximum power and 350 Nm . If your budget Is low with only just enough to buy, then buy a Cadillac must have an advantage on the power. ThIs engine Is also close cylinder technology, coupled with 9AT or 10AT gearbox, fuel consumption would not be too exaggerated.

Cadillac there Is a feature that Is very large concessions, it Is not recommended that you buy a new Cadillac period, such as a year or so, the dIscount rate there must be a surprIse.

Volvo’s flagship security and the Nordic minimalIst design, low-key, environmental protection, the concept of security has been the favorite of the middle elite, so Volvo owners are mostly gentle, knowing the type of propriety.

Volvo’s major selling point Is the core of Clean Zone Clean cabin, City-Safety City Safety system, BLIS blind spot information system, Pilot AssIst pilot assIstance systems. Which, Clean Zone Clean cockpit and City-Safety City Safety Is standard on all Volvo Car.

To sum up these systems actually PM2.5 conditioning filtration systems, active braking systems, lane change assIstance, reversing blind spot monitoring, lane keeping aid and adaptive cruIse functions. While other brands of Cars may not be standard, but high with almost all models of these features, so look at the surface, Volvo’s advantage Is not large.

Is hidden in the safe Volvo various designs small details, such as the front head and neck protection system (WHIPS), side-impact protection system (SIPS) these are hidden in the body and seat design. Here the condensation Volvo 40 years of experience and research based on data derived from traffic accidents.

At present only Volvo S60L Car Is not worth buying, the Car Is about to face a new generation, its size Is not as BBA’s equivalent product, smaller than the minor axIs version of the upcoming generation, the older generation of Car systems use similar models Is not as convenient.

domestic models only Acura TLX-L, CDX and RDX three, shortages and confusing product line Acura difficult for people to make a sudden remember.

I believe that in the current Acura RDX more worthwhile to buy a Car only. CDX small size, expensive, TLX-L or the power generation platinum Rui 2.4L self-priming of the set with double-clutch combination. Only RDX were using the latest 2.0T + 10AT powertrain as well as SH-AWD four-wheel drive system.

at the same level Acura RDX Is a very unique product. When you got into it was spacious and comfortable cabin space, you would think thIs Is a full American SUV.

but you Will find that thIs 2.0T engine power or whether it Is still very sound Honda taste, not blindly hanging open when you get started soft, full support, SH-AWD system power dIstribution make cornering more of the four in the bendPlus smooth.

(Pictured cash TLX-L)

Comparative currently expected that Professor Acura TLX-L next, if the next generation Acura TLX-L mounted powertrain 2.0T + 10AT, plus SH-AWD four-wheel drive system, then the propagation mode social Honda does best, TLX-L Is believed to have a predetermined next generation “Duan Car,” the protagonIst.

with the BritIsh Jaguar and Land Rover luxury brands, but the positioning of the two Is not the same. Classic Jaguar, Land Rover luxury; Jaguar flagship handling performance, the flagship Land Rover off-road performance.

Jaguar There’s XEL, XFL, XJ sedan three products, E-PACE and F-PACE two SUV products, while a pure I-PACE electric Cars. The product’s main sports performance.

Land Rover SUV’s only product, from dIscovery to the Range Rover line of God, covering 30-300 million for price range. Land Rover’s kind of like Wrangler SUV Is not as hardcore off-road vehicles, even so, its off-road capability Is also above its class. And the luxurious interior of the Land Rover Jeep body Is unable to provide.

Jaguar and Land Rover, a big advantage Is the dIscount rate, rivers and lakes known as Qizhe leopard, tiger dIscount for each purchase of the title. But thIs Is limited to domestic models, these imported models like the Range Rover, no increase has been doing pretty well.

Now the US market has been more and more luxury brands, selected models are also increasingly rich, tired of BBA users can choose a line with their own identity, highlight their individuality products into their Car. More than a few brands of products tonality clear, there Is always a right for you.