Subaru station wagon masters, signs performance cars have a major facelift next year Is expected to come out in autumn

In recent years, launched a new generation Forester, Subaru Outback and other models, then there are a variety of heavyweight facelift to debut a new Car, according to Japanese media “Best Car Web” to grasp the News that the masters of travel Levorg Car and Car WRX performance indicators should usher in a major facelift, it Will come out in the next year Is expected to fall.

for a new generation of Levorg and WRX, currently expected Japanese media have released chart-related, are equipped with an inverted C-shaped headlamp design, and have a greater front and rear bumper design, while overall sharper lines, which Is the latest family of Dynamic x Solid design language.

At the same time these two Cars are going to be equipped with a new generation of EyeSight safety system. For the dynamic configuration, the generation Levorg using two newly developed turbine engine, respectively of 1.5 liter dIsplacement and 1.8 liters, and replace the current 1.6-liter turbo 2.0 l, 2.0 l e-BOXER additional electric power Is expected to show up oil .

Further properties of the brand new signature WRX, Will be 2.0-liter four-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged engine, can output the maximum horsepower 320 meters and 45 kg maximum torque, and put the latest SGP modular chassIs, so that the body rigidity and handling has been improved, there Will still be expected to configure a manual gearbox.

while Japanese media said the new generation Legacy Will follow the above two Cars were a major facelift, with power expected to be Levorg par, but has not yet released the expected map. The three new models Will be expected to have come out in the fall of next year, Japanese media estimated the Tokyo Motor Show, the concept version Will be three new models thIs year.