Strong power radial engine, Why not universal car?

[crazy mechanical control section 485] Is a typical radial engine cylinder pIston engine, its high reliability, power upgrade potential, many have adopted the aircraft radial engine, that Why it Is not popular in the Car do?

A cylinder radial engine Is arranged around the crankshaft of the reciprocating internal combustion engine, which pIston Is connected to a crankshaft via a main link, connecting the top of the pIston That Is the main link rod, the pIston rod of the other articulated linkage, which Is connected to the ring center position of the main link through the tip orifice.

radial engine with high reliability, light weight, power upgrade potential, maintainability and survivability Is also good, the number of cylinders group Is generally radial engine odd number, 5-cylinder, the cylinder 7, a cylinder 9, in order to increase the power which can be superimposed rows, a plurality of cylinder groups are arranged in several rows, even to up to 4 rows × 7 cylinder, Pratt & Whitney giant wasp R-4360 to 28 cylinders, a power of 2200 ~ 3000kW.

appear before the jet engine, pIston aircraft engines they use a star-shaped design, because of its short crank battlefield survivability strong, compact and take up little space and aircraft Carrier Is widely used, the rest of the engine V-shaped design.

radial engine dIsposed axially in the head, the output shaft Is directly connected to the blade, a more rational use of space than in-line-pIston engine, eliminating the need for a speed reduction mechanIsm and a power transmIssion mechanIsm to change the like, help reduce body weight, so that the body Is more flexible.

Because the star engine cylinders circumferentially arranged, when the output power Is required, a circle can increase the number of cylinders, a double star during World War II engine output an astonIshing 3400 horsepower. In addition, in a hail of bullets in the shuttle engine, high survivability Is also an important indicator. For many the number of cylinder radial engine, the cylinder even if a shot to stop working, the rest of the cylinders can continue to play a role.

compared to the conventional engine, such as the most popular hair lineMotivation, a lot less radial engine structure, the cooling effect Is better. Because of the high thrust to weight ratio, under the same power, small volume radial engine much lighter weight, further radial engine symmetrical structure such that the torque output Is also more linear.

although radial engines have many advantages, but it does not mean that it Is suitable for Cars. For example, in order to meet the requirements of air-cooled, long-term front of the engine exposed, greatly affect the life of the engine, larger frontal area Will increase the drag coefficient.

Although the radial engine compact and small in size, but with respect to the motor vehicle, or too large. Radial engine radial size Is too large, the layout Is not convenient in the Car. Even lying placed between the output shaft and have a clutch mechanIsm installed to change the direction of power transmIssion, but also arranged for the exhaust system, cooling system and the fuel system, but the Car does not have enough space.

Star air-cooled engine with an engine, a cooling air flow on the windward side. If it Is mounted on the vehicle, in order to obtain the best cooling effect, for an axial direction of the vehicle center line Is arranged. Unique radial engine pIston arrangement of vertical center of gravity of the Car Will rIse, not only reduces vehicle stability and traction, but also enhanced the maintenance costs, and can not match the current transmIssion, additional research and development of new transmIssion, improved manufacturing costs . There Is limited space of the engine compartment, but also to achieve as much as possible flat, low position to meet the needs of the cabin layout and driving vIsion.

Hyundai Motor requirement for comfort Is very high, radial engine due to the excessive noIse, often need to wear noIse canceling headphones, seriously reduce driving pleasure and easy traffic accidents. Star engine rotor Is eccentric, the single row radial engine difficult to achieve symmetrical crankshaft counterweight during high speed rotation, the vibration problem Is very serious radial engine.

multi-cylinder radial engine Will produce high fuel consumption, economy Car Is very friendly. Toyota Land CruIser 5700, for example, it Is equipped with 100 km fuel consumption V8 engine Is about 16L. The number of cylinder radial engine usually seven or more, a hundred publicThe combined fuel consumption of 20L was very easy to do.

and there Is no manufacturers tried to develop radial engine, such as in the mid-1930s, Chrysler had secretly developed two 5-cylinder units 22.38kW, 1.1L water-cooled radial engine Car, in order to solve the above mentioned technical problems, they are inclined 45 degrees to the engine.

Although these two Cars accumulated test mileage over 200,000 kilometers, but poor untimely, followed by World War II and the internal economic situation, making thIs Car ultimately did not go on sale.