“Stimulate the battlefield” new “retro classic cars”, while also increasing the “black and white Shuangsha”

Hello everyone and welcome to 973 “to stimulate the real classroom,” I am your old friend, lost their identity, to find a sense of being in Costa Rica stimulate international service. do not know Why, always feel writing new material depletion, I do not know what to write. At the same time, stimulate brother and some worry, do not know if you want to see what kind of content.

If everyone in the game, the game experience interesting topic, welcome to stimulate brother a message, so you can match up to stimulate brother, a pleasing everybody chicken hearts and minds of the faithful, let you fall in love with me.

“stimulus battlefield” new “retro classic Cars”, while also increasing the “black and white Shuangsha” when]

stimulate brother in the login “stimulus battlefield” international service, we found some interesting things. There Is a good thing, of course, Is to be shared with good friends together. So, given a free hand to stimulate the brother of put you as their friends, and share with you my delight.

stimulate brother found in the game, “stimulus battlefield” international service adds a new “retro classic Cars”, while adding a pair of “black and white Shuangsha.”

Car retro classic Cars name, called “seamless cat Jeep.” From the Car Carrier name of view, thIs should be the appearance of the effects of the jeep. I do not know Why, stimulate brother in the game, we saw the black Car “seamless cat Jeep”, always feeling heart an indescribable depression.

stimulate brother suggested that I do not know of photons and Blue Hole Is not old – fashioned, in-game vehicle skin, not how trendy. Brother very stimulating hope photon can “stimulate the battlefield” can increase several SUV models more in line with modern aesthetic skin vehicles.

“black and white Shuangsha” seamless seamless cat and dog

in the “stimulus battlefield” international service, also adds a new “seamless cat” and “Departed dog “suits. Seamless cat white cat head mask plus white double button suit, seamless black dog Is the dog’s head and single row button suit.

From the outside, stimulate brother always felt seamless seamless cat and dog thIs “black and white Shuangsha”, not like a good person. to thIs end, stimulate brother also specifically searched “seamless cat” and “dog seamless”, you want to understand some of the messages, but more embarrassing Is that, in addition to stimulating brother to search for “Infernal Affairs” outside, and did not find anything useful.

looks very treacherous “clown”

at stimulating Columbia impression of them, the clown Is a very funny, lovable image. but in the “stimulus battlefield” in the international service, there was a appearance looks a “vicious treachery,” the clown in to see thIs clown’s face treacherous smile after stimulation in Costa Rica received a psychological trauma, leaving a psychological shadow, thIs Is too sCary clown.

To be honest, stimulate brother does not want to be in the game, see the comparIson SCary masks, like the game of “ghost bride” the same. When we earnestly search of materials, the sudden appearance of a very sCary “grimace”, estimated that many people Will be surprIsed.

photons “aesthetic” Is getting worse

stimulate brother looked “stimulus battlefield” recent international service after the update of clothing, only a feeling: “photon aesthetic Is becoming increasingly worse,” I do not know Why, stimulating brother always felt “stimulus battlefield” in the clothing, did not as “wild action” [.

“wilderness action” Is the intention to create a beautiful new clothes, and “stimulate battlefield” but more and more of the animals, all kinds of animals caps, all kinds of animals fashion.

as an ordinary player, stimulate brother read a little “stimulus battlefield” costume design style, probably because the stimulus brother Is not a “fashion circle” of people, so it thIs can not appreciate the beauty of it.

These are the current “” stimulus battlefield “new” retro classic Cars “, while also increasing the” black and white Shuangsha “” game content, more about the “stimulus battlefield” international service game topic, please Stay tuned: to stimulate the real classroom.

I am your old friend stimulate brother, we next goodbye, bye ~