Still look down on domestic? The best global reputation engine, there are two domestic

REVIEW: stable, fuel-efficient, durable engine necessary conditions, on top of thIs to ensure strong momentum and reasonable fuel consumption, and that Is a good engine, today we talk about the industry performed well, several great user reputation engine, of course, includes the domestic engine.

The first Is the Honda 1.8L, 1.8L engine Honda fact, there are many types, different versions of different tune, Jed, old Civic Ling faction, XRV other models on thIs are equipped with 1.8L engine, but different segments version, the biggest advantage of thIs engine Is reliable and durable, and the next I-VTEC technology blessing, so that the power performance of thIs engine Is pretty good, the most important thing Is , fuel consumption Is not high and the failure rate Is very low, the Honda engine does not really bad, most of thIs engine lay in the world.

Mercedes-Benz M274 engine, it was said German Cars are burning oil, burning oil engine Is a good engine, German Cars burning oil in order to enhance the power these absurd conclusion can be considered really opened my eyes, burning oil to enhance the power of the engine? See how Mercedes-Benz M274 performance, whether it Is low-walk, high-speed winds as much as the ability to mass EA888, the most critical Is the Mercedes-Benz M-Class engine reliability and stability Is very high, and burning oil spill Is very small, compared to the under BMW engine oil, burning oil Volkswagen Audi, Mercedes-Benz can be truly representative of German Cars.

Chery 1.5T, braving the rIsk of being accused of, or to recommend under Chery 1.5T engine, the thermal efficiency of 37.1% has been impressive so many Car prices, vehicle reliability and stability Is also very good, emIssion standards, fuel consumption and dynamic performance can have a reasonable trade-off, in fact, Chery engine performance really Is not bad, but Chery’s brand and gearbox, so that Chery engine there are not so awkward.

These are the traditional internal combustion engine, then we talk on behalf of the new energy sector, of course, thIs Is a new concept of global energy power system, the country Is not a simple ” new green energy, “said the first Toyota Atkins cycle engines, which Is the industry benchmark, although it Is not0 achieve fuel consumption, but really focus on Toyota engine emIssions to a minimum, both Lexus Cars or Toyota Cars, combined fuel consumption can be stable in the 5L, and does not require an external power supply, from the true meaning of environmental protection, use and reliability point of view, thIs Toyota hybrid system, opened say good.

BYD hybrid system, a little with Toyota a bit different, BYD Is a plug-in hybrid, of course, new energy power system, with Toyota taking complete different ways, the contribution of the two companies in the new energy market make are large, BYD thIs system can guarantee low fuel consumption, but also to ensure strong momentum for some younger consumers, very attractive.

Summary: In fact, in my opinion, the domestic Car power system has been pretty good, especially in the field of new energy engines, domestic Cars are going upwards, to give them a little time on the power system, the future Will not be a bottleneck restricting the development of U.S.-made Cars.