Spring Buyers guide: These are best suited to the Chinese New Year to buy back cars equipped with X

Spring Festival, many people go home to vIsit relatives moment, but also a lot of people reunited with friends and family at the moment. Students at the meeting, when the family dinner, if you drove hIs Car to buy a new home thIs year, what Is that momentum? It Is the traditional peak because a lot of people think so, so also Is the annual Car of the year. But also consider buying a Car equipped with X effect, not every Car can be used to hold X. If you spend hundreds of thousands to buy a Volkswagen Hui Ang, seven Regardless of eight aunt but how many people know? With the least money, put deep X, it Is our aim. ThIs Issue bringing three models most suitable for X Spring Buyers guide for everyone.

Audi A3

X means Index: ★★★★

recommended reason: the cheapest “four rings”

If you’re a single young man, and I like sporty the Car, the Audi A3 then thIs Is definitely the Spring Festival home New Year’s weapon.

Audi, how many people can not know about it? As the official Car represents one of the best ever, “four circles” of influence can be described Huobian north and south, saw the figure on the Audi Car then do not understand the elderly, children, also in the TV series.

as the most expensive Audi models, hundreds of thousands Will be able to buy the Audi A3, Audi’s definitely the most cost-effective installation X models. And in addition to cheap, stylIsh and sporty Audi A3 itself, coupled with the 1.4T even bring a good acceleration performance 2.0T engine, travel by Car Is a good Car. There are so near the body of a Audi A3, you go home New Year, when friends and family certainly impress you.

BMW the X1

X means Index: ★★★★ ☆

recommended reason: the X-Trail at the same price, but far more than the X-Trail loading effects

If you’ve knotMarriage, Chinese New Year Is a family and I go back, the BMW X1 Is definitely the best for you Spring loaded X models. After all, as a married person, you need to take into account the practicality, SUV undoubtedly greater than the sedan loaded more space.

Although the BMW X1 hanging “BMW” logo, and the price Is as high as 300,000. But rumors of the “dIscount for each purchase horses” Is not for nothing, after the dIscount price of finIshed early 200,000, which Is a NIssan X-Trail prices. The effect of X installed, but far more than the NIssan X-Trail.

When you go to a class reunion, a BMW SUV, can easily kill them public, Kia, Chery, Geely and other vehicles. Even if they did not see the Car it does not matter, the BMW Car keys on the table seemingly inadvertently, the same effect can be achieved equipped with X’s.

Benz the CLA

X means Index: ★★★★★

recommended reason: the Car does not like SUV overabundance then you definitely love it

If you do thIs for the Audi A3?? the Cars do not like, they felt that SUV Is too rampant, it does not reflect their own unique qualities. Then thIs Is definitely the Mercedes-Benz CLA Is equipped with X the most powerful god Car.

X installed as the most powerful God Car, Mercedes-Benz CLA has three major advantages. The first major advantage: the Mercedes-Benz logo, BMW and Audi as one of the same name BBA, but also a real veteran of the Automotive world, the Mercedes-Benz logo fascinated a lot of people; second big advantage, coupe styling, smoother lines not only look good ? for a lot of people do not know the Car Is not that the image of a sports Car it instantly tall on a; third big advantage, a net importer of Mercedes-Benz Cars, for many well-informed people, BBA has not what it Is, not that a joint venture Car? but pure imported Cars Is not the same, and more than 20 million can buy a Mercedes-Benz CLA, undoubtedly more outstanding value for money.

more than 20 million can buy a net importer of Mercedes-Benz coupe, the key moments can import a cameo Mercedes-Benz sports CarSuch a Mercedes-Benz CLA Is undoubtedly the most suitable for loading X god Car.

Summary: bachelor for the Audi A3, the couple for BMW X1, Mercedes-Benz CLA can fully “pass to kill”, with such a Car equipped with X Spring Festival Guide, I believe you absolutely can the least money in the New Year installed purest X.