Spanning half a century of legend: the Ford Mustang vIsual hIstory, from small road crawling to slow chase

long before the F-150 Raptor, Ford Bronco sport utility idol Is the Blue Oval. Initially conceived in the 1960s, as the exIsting 4-by-fours (such as Jeep CJ and International Harvester Scout) multi-purpose alternatives, rugged Bronco years Will be transformed into a suitable full-size SUV, produce a skit out of the Bronco II and eventually dIscontinued in 1996, because gates have dominated the market. Now Ford Mustang revival Is coming, we may share most of its body frame and in 2020 Ranger midsize pickup truck in 2020.

1966-1977: Start. In 1966, when Ford launched the original Mustang Is still hanging confetti, four-wheel drive Bronco to the door, pickup and roadster body style to enter the scene, all with two doors. The first generation Bronco riding on a stubby wheelbase of 92 inches and its own dedicated platform, Is a simple agricultural vehicles, front and rear body strong, if not eternal sheet metal, virtually no running in production models in 12 years Variety. Early Mustang only manual transmIssion, with a standard straight-six engine; V-8 Is optional.

face selling pressure 1969 launch of the Chevrolet K5 Blazer larger increase, beginning in the Parnelli Jones Mustang Car manufacturer and racing legend Bill Stroppe and other hands as a sign of off-road racing were a second life. Early production model began in 1965, revIsed the Broncos often nascent North American racing scene from the desert; Jones and Manchester Rop final in 71 years and 72 years with a highly customized Mustang racing to win the contest.

1978-1979: Branching out Ford has finally unveiled the new second-generation Bronco in 1978. It Will last only a few years before 1980, it was replaced by the third generation of trucks. Ford F-100 based on modern full-size pickup and riding on a 104-inch wheelbase, marked with great Bronco departing from the original 1978, extending over two feet wideAbout ten inches, five inches tall.

Although the Broncos evolved into a more suitable vehicle away from the starting point, but it Will persIst in the coming years, it Will not completely soften. “If the Mustang Is a pleasant but very high requirements cycle route, then when you aim it blunt weed, it seems that Will be active.”

1980-1986: in 1980, the third generation of the family Bronco marks the launch of the model with the Ford (also new) lock-step with the beginning of the development of F-150 pickup. As part of the company spent about $ 700 million for the development of their updated full-size trucks, concrete, thIs means a little shorter, narrower, lighter Mustang, Mustang and cleaner air to penetrate. In 1982, the Broncos for the first time in its cup put on a proper blue oval logo, replacing the previous models wearing FORD letters; now classic two-tone Eddie Bauer package decoration equipment joined the lIst in 1985.

Third Generation Bronco employed independent front suspension, particularly Ford fashion dual rotary shaft extension beam, its predecessors. A novel design, until 1996 Bronco consIstent with, that better control of the front wheel than a solid shaft, but more sophIsticated than the traditional control arm Is provided. Seven years in the production of thIs generation, the inline six-cylinder engine options include standard, V-8 4.9 liters 5.8 liters and two V-8.

1983-1990: leave space for the juvenile enters the compact Ford Bronco II, which Is based on a Lilliputian two-door SUV smaller Ranger belt, can improve efficiency, cleaner handling and better maneuverability. In fact, II Bronco smaller than full size, 19 inches shorter, narrow 9 inches, 5 inches low

1987-1991: let Although more and more small SUV welcome, but Ford released the new F-150 in 1987, which means that its fourth-generation Bronco earlier used a similar update. Given the 1986 debut of the Ford Taurus sedan rounded, similar to the pod-likeShape, see Bronco sliding wear more design elements, such as sheet metal smoother, rounded wheel arch wraparound headlamps and the bumper. Interior has also been heavily modified, the rear wheel ABS become standard. Ford introduced the silver anniversary of the 1991 Special Edition.

1992-1996: When approaching the end of the fifth generation model debuted in 1992, along with four utility vehicles more and more popular with consumers, it Is increasingly clear knowing full-size two-door Mustang’s days are numbered. Ford’s rarely updated, the equivalent of a new grille and more rounded front end features and a fresh interior. Also increased the standard driver side airbags, and rear center brake light.

Of course, Ford finally retired Mustang in 1996 in order based on the year 1997 the new four expeditions F-150 give way, old-school SUV spotlight in 1994 June 17 of under that won the last restriction Is a bright white Bronco around Los Angeles freeway rotation televIsion image, a group of police patrols to hunt down its two passengers -OJ Simpson and Al Collins – hot cultural hIstory. ThIs event Is one of Detroit timeline once great idol notorious short-lived.

2004: The Tease restart at the end of a Broncos in South America after nearly a decade off the assembly line, Ford at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show introduced a new Mustang concept Car. ThIs classic first-generation trucks using thick futurIstic, Jeep Wrangler can respond at any time, it Is 2.0 liters diesel engine and dual-clutch Automatic transmIssion Bronco enthusiasts of all ages inspired by its retro mug, high-tech turbocharged . However, the Broncos returned to the market Is still elusive.

2019: After the passion aroused their appetite for the concept of living in 2004, Broncos fans rely on old models to maintain the spirit of the icon. With the recent popularity through a variety of repair and modification of the classic truck, the creation of some very enthusiastic aftermarket, such as the Four Horsemen on dIsplay at the 2019 SEMA show. By the Customs Maxlider Brothers CompanyManufacture, it Is a stunning model 1966, extended 26 inches to make room for a second set of doors, equipped supercharged 5.0 liters Coyote V-8, and using 37 inches BFGoodrich tires.

2019: wait for the final! Ford confirmed the rumors about the rumors of a new production Mustang, first look at the upcoming two-door models. The production model Will be expected to share its powertrain and body frame basIs with the new Ranger pickup, and includes a four-door model. The initial performance proved that Ford seriously Jeep Wrangler site. More importantly, Ford also showed a rough appearance, “as yet unnamed,” the compact crossover image, in theory, it can serve the same function as the Mustang II in doing that day. The next chapter of the legendary Ford Mustang really on the road.