Smart car interior should look like, what fun black & worth the wait

In today’s high-speed economic development, VI, AI large number of new technology and new technology to our survival, drawing, entertainment bring more and more convenient.

while improving quality of survival, and growth of the trade union by nature to survive.

there are many ancient Cars and more heavy manipulation of buttons and knobs should not occupy valuable storage space, spiritual needs of customers to spend time to study their role, their more prominent features of the machine , there Is nothing comparable in terms of beauty.

In Japan to each appearance of the vehicle can be a smart appearance.

we need coverage in the Car’s appearance above the action to proceed, an interactive interface that Is light or air movement Will flash, these looks can interact with us, you can demand credentials found that demand for places you can go through touch, gestures and other methods trigger turning lights, Car entertainment systems, Automotive gear and other effects.

from Tesla 48-inch screen to worship Teng large screen, Rolls-Royce top stars, to Japan’s Automotive interiors Will cause what like, how to be innovative Automotive interior aesthetics and human-machine interface (HMI) technology to improve link. To create unparalleled cut new mobile experience. Transformation of pure driving behavior, full supply of semi-active or active driving experience for the driver to move.

program under the tutelage of the research found that the stress components affecting the user population living character, and what can perhaps create its memorable and exciting travel experience, redefining said casual, part-time, in-Car entertainment method. Probably we can perhaps re Po Chun cut new E300 able to find a few answers. Smart move space, naive changing space two or three, four, salt can be sweet, cool and delicate, life 260km / 300km / 305km, a variety of selection, like humans have not always stop to the demands of many stars, new Baojun never stop on the trip to Japan to demand the survival of the secrets of the stars and the vast and into the new blood Po Chun Po Chun E300 licensed thick sci-fi style appearance planned and equipped with multimedia messaging system AI artificial intelligence technology, intelligent , science and technology, branded into the new Baojun of DNA, smart technology and open up CarDuring the trip cut new network, but also from Japan to the sci-fi Car E300, has come to Japan, there Is a new Baojun E300 Is often accompanied by a more intelligent travel survival.

while the new Baojun unity US move, Huawei, Yu potential of science and technology and the Guangxi government, in the Po Chun base arranged nine kilometers Universal’s first long, while having no people driving, driving long-dIstance control, four in one V2X, 5G attempt to communicate publicity road.

With the support 5G pages, and also that SAIC-GM-Wuling technology, Bosch’s electronic chassIs tuning and peace-building, and technology with potential Yu the drone pilot project and trade of operations, coupled with the endorsement zebra supply of intelligent vehicle networking system, new Baojun eventually be able to expose loudly to the whole world: that Is my street (gāi) Is very pretty, “Aberdeen” .