Sino-US auto sales in September contrast, Toyota sales in the United States Is twice that of U.S.

thought the Japanese Car sales in the US market bursting with rare phenomenon, so in faraway America, in the past nine months, the Toyota brand sales up to 226,600, compared to 105,500 in the US market, indeed higher than doubled. And in 2019 1– on total sales in September, Toyota’s US sales are also up to 1.8224 million, while Toyota’s January-September total US sales of 874,000, the total number of the United States more than doubled.

Legend: the United States in September 2019 Car sales charts, data sources Autodata

Legend: the US market in September 2019 Car sales charts Cars

and the US market Is different, not the United States However, Car use big country, big country also exported Cars, have a mature Automobile manufacturing. As the giant US Auto industry, General Motors won the title of the United States Auto market in September sales of the first. Compared to Toyota’s second in the past nine months, GM sold more than the Toyota full of nearly 40 million.

In the US market in a single month sold 335,700 of the Volkswagen brand in the United States sold only 32,000, the gap Is more than ten times more. Of course, the general public in the United States has been sold Is not how high, limited models, expensive alternative to strong (you can add a little money to buy a BMW, Mercedes-Benz), not as good as Japanese Cars resIstant open, not as good as Japanese Cars sale cheap, are resulting in German Car sales the reason Is far inferior to Japanese Cars. Put it more bluntly, Americans are more Willing to buy Japanese Cars, rather than the German Car.

In many American Cars Volkswagen also launched a special for the American Car, which for the Volkswagen brand a solid market position in the United States have a very good role. After all, the public in the US market, “settled in” early, early good reputation, have given weak development of domestic Cars Volkswagen impossible some advantage in the US market.