Since that Is actually very handsome LOW and supplies automotive interior ornaments

We Will surely mention Car after hIs own Car to take some dress up, especially built, later upgraded, renovated rate Is basically 100%. ThIs Is understandable, but the problem Is the neglect of other aspects of the riders are often part of the business Is being sold from boastful slogan to attract. Select a single product must not be recklessly impulsive, practical, safe, beautiful and so are to be taken into account.

think Is actually very handsome LOW Automotive interior products

Large-screen navigation

large-screen navigation brunt. Although at first glance feel great sense of technology, but look closely you Will find that yellow screen, poor viewing angle, extremely unstable operating conditions, without considering the overall design of the form factor Is their biggest features.

even if a short circuit fault Is a small probability event, we have to be responsible for their own daily experience, not reflective, do not crash , does not affect the line of sight, does not destroy the original Car design Is most important. We recommend the best original, followed by the Car special.

dashboard dark mat

useless ! Useless! Useless!

First of all, he certainly can not avoid the light, take a look at the map before the file, reflective, but more serious reflection there (original design Is true dark).

Second, to protect the interior Is nonsense, because thIs Is original in design and material selection when the problem has long been taken into account.

Finally, you wrap the airbag in the end are a few mean? Is afraid jumped out and ran it?

dashboard ornaments

ThIs Is already commonplace, to mention here. Put the dashboard, he did not how beautiful, especially leopards what’s what. Decoration and these front profile formed directly reflection, impact sight of the driver.

Is the most serious security problems, and the entire instrument panel filled with all kinds of ornaments, and I ask you too airbag power Is not big enough, I want to add a little debrIs killing it?

grade, practical and very Cool Automotive interior products

hand-stitched to cover

original Carbon fiber, the Mazda3 Is definitely the best, but not all Cars have thIs configuration, the majority of family Cars or partial fine plastic steering wheel, perception and feeling not ye drop.

Faced with thIs situation, we can handle sleeve seam to add your own shopping Car (the money directly on the original Queen brand or steering wheel produced high-end models). The choice of range, or select the Car-specific style, as far as possible eliminate the general formula sew sleeve, in particular directly set up the sleeve that Is surrounded by half determined not selected.


already high penetration rate, said precautions point of it. Hardware parameters and job stability must pay special attention, not shoot, then shoot unclear to him what purpose?

Another problem Is the style, the kind of mirror firmly resIst replacement tachograph, think more little better, function as simple as possible, of course, wifi transmIssion of such practical function must have!

end interior conversion member

end players Will prepare! CommonThe general Is triple the table, five of the table it. In addition, various modified brand interior conversion member have a lot of choice for Jun, interior trim Carbon fiber, Carbon fiber shift paddles, Carbon fibers partner handball, Sao Sao yellow red belt everything.

Of course, the interior of such a single product Is not perfect, it Is also clear advantages and dIsadvantages, handsome, expensive!