Sichuan sued Mustang Ford Mustang in favor of First Instance, in addition renamed also compensated one million

In recent years, many Car companies are lawsuits, early years, “Honda told bicyclic plagiarIsm”, “Land Rover divIsions breeze plagiarIsm.” The main brand Is a joint venture sued its own brand, but recently have seen a reversal, a local brand sued the joint venture brands has made big win. Recently, the Sichuan Automobile Co. sued Ford Mustang (USA) Limited’s Mustang sports Car of the same name Chinese brand name with its case made new progress, the Chengdu Intermediate People’s Court of first instance verdict: Mustang Automobile Co., Ltd., Sichuan and win awarded $ 1 million.

trademark dIspute lawsuit has played two years

In recent years, cross-Car prices suffered intellectual property rights in U.S. a few dIsputes, which, litigation appearance of the vehicle due to high similarity are more trademark dIsputes are rare, while the latter Is the lawsuit between the Mustang and Ford Mustang in Sichuan example.

In early 2016, Sichuan Mustang Co., Ltd. for alleged trademark infringement, filed a lawsuit to the Chengdu Intermediate People’s Court, sued Ford (USA) Limited’s Mustang sports Car of Chinese name the same name with its brand, and demanded compensation for economic losses.

Sichuan Mustang believes that it has applied for regIstration in 1986, the Mustang trademark, and the subsequent application for regIstration of a number of wild horses graphics or text mark. Ford Motor wholly owned subsidiary of Ford US during the “Mustang” brand into the US market, the advertIsing and marketing several times directly to the “Mustang” as the Chinese logo and brand “Mustang” Car, which Is in Sichuan Mustang brand overlap.

A few days ago, according to the (2016) 01 early Republican River No. 15 Civil Judgment Chengdu Intermediate People’s Court, ruling the US company to stop infringement Ford Mustang Car companies regIstered trademark, in its judgment 15 days after the commencement, in the “official Ford site” Home publIshed a statement to eliminate the influence, and Mustang company compensation for economic losses of 100 million. ThIs means that Ford’s sports Car “Mustang” Will no longer use the Chinese “Mustang” brand.

Sichuan Mustang Is a national veteran Car prices

public information, the Ford Mustang Is Ford’s a high-performance Car, currently sold in the form of imports in U.S. . April 17, 1964, the first generation of the Ford Mustang production version officially released in New York Expo. Since entering the US market, its “running horse markers” widely spread, becoming one of the representatives of high-performance Cars Auto enthusiast in mind.

Compared to the Ford Mustang or other Car brands horizontal contrast, in the current domestic Auto industry, Sichuan Mustang vIsibility slightly lower. But in the early years, its production of “Jinding” brand passenger Car series, “Mustang” “White Deer” brand light-duty off-road vehicles and vans popular, “Mustang” brand sport utility vehicle Is the national inspection-free products. Sichuan Broncos official website information, the company was born in the late 1980s, in September 2002 by the merger and reorganization of the entire Fulin Group last century. August 2006 changed its name to Sichuan Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd; 2014 Mustang officially opened a new identity; in April 2015 changed its name to the current “Mustang Automobile Co., Ltd., Sichuan.”

January 7, Sichuan Mustang responsible person in an interview with Reporters, said relevant, Sichuan Broncos in recent years into the development of large, trademark attribution must be clear that the first instance in favor of in favor of the company future to further expand the business. However, some consumers said, “Although the Sichuan Broncos won the case, but I believe that the Ford Mustang fans, how to call or how to call.”