Sichuan sued Ford Mustang awarded one million won the case but lost the hearts and minds

original article produced by the new media studio Cheng Ran, author Qian Yi-Jia.

In the United States there have been three Mustang, one Is “MIss Dong” song fell in love with the Mustang, one of Ford MUSTANG, there Is one from Sichuan the YEMA. But now the second wild horse and dIsappeared, because Sichuan sued Ford Mustang “Mustang” trademark infringement case first instance appeal, that Ford MUSTANG Will be forced to suspend the use of “Mustang” words.

Ford Mustang tort Sichuan Mustang, compensation 100 Wan

while thIs case was the result of judgment at first instance in early 2019, but the Sichuan sued Ford Mustang MUSTANG models Chinese name “Ford Mustang” infringement on the grounds of alleged trademark infringement lawsuit to the Chengdu Intermediate people’s Court in early 2016 when Sichuan Ford Mustang requires compensation for its 10 million yuan(CNY)(CNY).

January 5, 2019 the first trial results released – in favor of Sichuan Mustang, Ford Mustang MUSTANG lose the right to use the trademark in U.S., and Sichuan Mustang 1 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) compensation. It Is reported that the judgment take effect 15 days (that Is, before 20 January), Ford to publIsh a statement in the “Official Ford Site” home page, eliminating the effects.

I landed Ford US and Ford found that the current Ford has not officially publIshed a statement, but Ford MUSTANG related pages are taken down after MUSTANG official website with “Mustang” elements of words. The Car Will be coming again to take a Chinese name as “Masi Dan” or direct application of EnglIsh? Our static and other Ford News.

were in favor of the earlier trademark regIstration, no problems

a verdict announced on many users dIss Sichuan Mustang, Mustang mention because most people think of Ford’s thIs American sports Car, the Mustang Sichuan hot rub thIs Is not it? But in reality, FranceCourt ruling, though not nearly human, but it Is quite reasonable. According to relevant evidence Mustang Automobile Co., Ltd., Sichuan Party Secretary, union president Wang provided, Sichuan Mustang Member “Mustang” Is the trademark in 1986, while Ford MUSTANG after entering the United States under the trademark “Ford Mustang” time of application for regIstration in 2006. Due to legal recognition of our country Is a regIstered protection system instead of using protection system, so under normal circumstances be regIstered trademarks party Will win.

By the way, in fact, Ford had also aware of the problem, reportedly around 2000 Ford Mustang Will also take the initiative to find, Sichuan joint use “Mustang” trademark communication problem, but then the two sides have not reached an agreement. Of course, thIs Is only the first instance verdict, can appeal aspects of Ford, Ford single official website has now replaced the practice of “Mustang” from the point of view of the relevant identification, Ford seems to have recognized, or that after all MUSTANG MUSTANG, no need to do thIs involve more time and effort.

Sichuan Mustang favorite topic, he won the case but lost the people?

we say back to Sichuan Mustang. Although it Is won the case, but not many people cheer for. For Ford MUSTANG fans, they called the Mustang Will be called Mustang; for a friend on Sichuan Mustang, thIs horse Chuanma performance in recent years was a bit embarrassed.

we said above, Sichuan regIstering Mustang “Mustang” Is a trademark in the 1980s, then as the Mustang not only the production of “Mustang” brand, “White Deer” brand off-road vehicles, but also produce a series of buses, once favored by the local market. Later, she experienced the ups and downs of the Mustang once consumers fade from sight, but the previous two years to catch the last train of the SUV, the idea Is to get the sales of a plausible. T70 shape of its main SUV models Volkswagen Tiguan, plus had a replica of the Infiniti EX’s E-SUV, the Kia Sportage imitate the F12 and so on, so that more and more people feel the Sichuan Broncos bent to earn quick money but complacent attitude.

Further, in theChengdu Motor Show last year, Mustang has released its first MPV model Si Paika (Spica), there Is a clear reference marks Toyota models Alpha We do not say, but also to comfort Sichuan Mustang 20 yuan / kg, Luxury type a unique way 24 yuan / kg announced the price, have to say thIs really Is a wild bronco, do everything we can in order to win attention.

written in the last

throughout the year due to the Sichuan official yet released 2019 Mustang sales results, I can only inquire into its first 11 months of 2019 total sales –2.78 million units, down about 7%, the average monthly sales of 2,500 units, while in 2016 annual sales of 3.9 million units. We can easily phenomenon, Sichuan Mustang sales in 2019 was not as good as 2016. In fact Mustang also by virtue of the SUV Dongfeng has made in recent years, the best performance in 2016. With the gradual saturation of the SUV market, Mustang learn rapidly absorbed by the launch of the new Car are original and the overall strength of the increasingly strong competition from other own-brand models of falling behind to leeward. We must ask, relying on unconventional Bo eye Sichuan Mustang still running long? (Text / Qian Yi-kai)

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