Shelby: a Ferrari can beat, and the Ford Mustang to the pinnacle of the chicken farm boss

Rod Ford Hot 1932 from the year 2020 shall 760Ps horsepower Ford Mustang GT500, then food from chicken to chili, Carroll Shelby has written a passionate man of the legendary life .

from the chicken to the Car

Carroll Shelby in January 1923 11 born in the small town of HarrIsburg in Texas, although hIs family has no background in the Automotive industry, there Is no Car, but he was already fascinated by the mechanical, plans to study aeronautical engineering after high school. World War II changed the trajectory of hIs life, he participated in the Air Force rather than go to college, become a pilot and flight instructor. After the war, he started a dump truck business in 1945, and began to raIse chickens in 1949, became the owner of a chicken farm. Although the first batch of chicken successful profitable, but doing all of the second batch of chickens dying from the dIsease, 26 years old, he took hIs wife and three children declared bankruptcy.

In order to survive, Shelby began hIs racing Career in 1952, hIs long driving a 1932 Ford Hot Rod Racing and MG TC racing, good at low performance Car victory over high-performance Cars in the United States made a lot of victories, soon became an important force in the racing world, making him an official Aston Martin racing team in 1954. He participated in various competitions Sebring, Aintree, Le Mans and prove their ability and rich experience of racing more competitive.

accident, but the “Cobra” laid the foundation

in 1960, Shelby’s racing Career took an unexpected change, when he was diagnosed with heart dIsease, forcing him to withdraw from the race, however, he was not interested in return to the farm, so the establIshment of a high-performance driving Shelby College and seek other ways in the Automotive industry. He bought a Chevrolet dealer with three 1959 Corvette chassIs, and ship them to Maranello, Italy, souped up with a gorgeous aluminum-bodied sports Car Scaglietti. With 315PsScaglietti horsepower V8 engine Is a beast, although only three ideas, but the use of large V8 sports Car to beat Ferrari has taken root in the hearts of Shelby. In hindsight, Scaglietti Car Is also “Cobra” laid the foundation.

beat Ferrari

In 1961, the BritIsh Shelby AC Cars presents an interesting proposal, he wants American V8 engine installed on the company’s Ace sports Car, AC company agreed. Shelby first find Chevrolet, but they refused to provide engines as the Chevrolet Corvette unWilling to help a competitor, but Ford wants to become Corvette’s competitors, and they hit it off with Shelby, February 1962 the first Car equipped with a V8 engine sports Car was born Ace, known as Cobra (Cobra), faster than the Chevrolet Corvette stingray.

Although the Cobra in the short and tortuous track Is very fast, but it can not keep up with thIs Car like the Ferrari 250 GTO, Shelby has thus developed a Cobra Daytona, only created six, but all of the victory in the 1964 12 Hours of Sebring endurance race, the Le Mans 24 hour race and the 1965 Italian Grand Prix. In 1965, the great Ford GT40 superCar Shelby also by the surgeon, and 1966 – Continuous swept the championship 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1968, beat the Ferrari, completed the Shelby heart of long-cherIshed wIsh for many years.

the king of the road

to the success of Cobra Ford executives were impressed , the company asked Shelby to develop a more powerful Mustang. Ford Mustang was originally developed as a commuter Car fun to drive and launch, not comparable with the United States hot muscle Car, the Mustang Shelby but build into a complete muscle Car, it may be more flexible on the track European sports Car under a high. 306Ps horsepower Shelby GT350 was born, also received suspension and brake upgrades, not only more powerful, but also better handling.

Shortly thereafter, Ford and Shelby American consumers feel appetite for horsepower Is not satIsfied, they took out a 355Ps-horsepower 7.0-liter V8 engine instead of the GT350 4.7 l V8 engine, to create a more powerful Ford Mustang GT500. Follow GT500KR model Is known as the “King of the Road”, unveiled at the 1967 New York Auto Show, 7.0-liter V8 engine Is tuned out 400Ps horsepower, and increases the glass fiber body panels and, ultimately, good sales.

to leave the Auto industry, like love, like love racing pepper

unexpected Is that more stringent safety and emIssions regulations, Shelby forced to close in 1970, hIs racing business and ended hIs collaboration with Ford, the future looks pretty grim muscle sports Car, after the 1973 oil crIsIs, it all looks more There Is no hope. Then, in 1974, Shelby decided to leave the United States to South Africa.

Shelby racing like love, like love of food, he founded the International Chili Society and organized the first World chili cooking activity that Is very popular, which inspired him to create the “Carroll Shelby chili company”, until today, Carroll Shelby still selling brand pepper. In addition, Shelby also opened in 1975, provides recommendations, decoration, menu development for the restaurant called Chili’s (Chiles) today, chiles American restaurant in the world with more than 1600 chain stores.

return, the legend continues

by the end of 1982 at the kind invitation of Chrysler under Xie Dalby agreed to work for the Dodgers, he developed a Dodge horses and the transformation of a variety of models, but also created the first top-level sports Car Dodge Viper, until 1990, underwent heart transplant surgery after leaving Chrysler. In 2000, Shelby and Ford together again, create a number of vehicles, including in 2004 GR-1,2005年野马 GT500, in 2006 GT-H and in 2007 GT500KR, heAlso in 2007, he founded the “Shelby Performance Parts” company.

In the last years of the life of Shelby won many awards, including “Car Lifetime Achievement Award”, including the final on May 10, 2012 died at the age of 89 years old. However, Shelby’s company continued to maintain close cooperation with Ford, at the 2020 Detroit Auto Show 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, becomes the most powerful road legal production Car, which uses 5.2 liter V8 engine, through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox offers 760Ps horsepower to the rear wheels, the price Is only $ 73,900, taking into account the level of performance it provides, thIs price Is surprIsing.

From the farm to the Car owner for lifetime achievement, so Shelby has written a passionate man of legendary life, and the legend continues ……

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