Shared vehicle was winter? Main city of Hangzhou dIscovered new energy vehicles Cemetery


September 8, on the lower east side of the city of Hangzhou Zhuge Road, after the demolition of an open space, nearly electric Cars neatly fitted to square. Most of these vehicles have rear reading “Beiqi new energy” words, from the decal part of the body can be concluded that these Cars have been used as a time-share rental Car. Vehicle Condition Is very new, shipped with a plastic film on the seat have not torn. Of which the first few Cars also linked to new energy green license plate “Zhejiang A” rIse, there are 2020 inspection sticker on the front windshield. Nearby residents said the focus of these vehicles in July thIs year to appear in the open space, it has been idle for more than February. Beginning of the year, Hangzhou appear more “shared Car cemetery”, following the bike sharing, Car sharing once fiery or Will usher in “the industry winter.”