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In recent years, the concept of sharing highly sought after travel all walks of life, gave birth to a number of high-growth companies. For example, drops founded in 2012, plans to go public thIs year, the current valuation of more than $ 60 billion; Mount worship founded in 2016, was acquired by the US group the first few months, amounted to $ 3.7 billion. Contrast the traditional Automobile manufacturers, seems to have become a thing of the past, last year acquired treasure concept can cause a 25% stake, it was spent 1.625 billion yuan.

in April 2019, thanks to the US MIssion to Moldova equity + cash to acquire an amount equal to $ 3.7 billion, which Is a very traditional Automobile manufacturers digital unintelligible.

single asset from the point of view, thanks to all of the bicycle factory friction does not add up valuable concept consIstent. But Why in the eyes of investors, thanks to Morocco’s value Is more than three times the concept of cause? Capital always chasing the trend, or outlet, while the share Is now one of the largest outlet travel.

Even in the sharing of the field of travel, air Is also changing. The first fire up a network about Cars, but drops fast after the merger, the network about the Car market has formed a monopoly situation. Over the past two years, the share of cycling limelight without the two, but now the real rub Is survived worship, ofo few companies. Network about Car sharing and cycling Is a foregone conclusion, at an outlet to share travel Where?

After sharing network about Cars and motorcycles, the outlet should be shared under a Timeshare Rentals field trips, or sharing a Car.

For thIs question, I think capital predators and Internet giants have given the answer with practical action, that Is, Timeshare Rentals (or Car sharing). In the past six months, there are a number of timeshare rental operators to get the investment, such as Gofun obtain 214 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) A round of financing, TOGO received $ 26 million round of financing of B +, PonyCar C round of financing to get $ 250 million immediately travel a $ 20 million angel round and a round of financing in 2019 …… 12February 29, Morocco thanks officially launched its own Car-sharing business.

December 29, 2019, Mount low profile thanks to a shared Car line. Although Morocco thanks to thIs business Is still in testing the waters, the official line do not have any relevant information, but there have been Car prices began to cooperate with Morocco worship, such as new DEV 1 launched a special customized version of the model prayer Morocco.

A few days ago

, I travel to the outskirts of Guiyang Gui’an DIstrict, which Is Mount thanks to Car-sharing place to start. I take thIs opportunity to experience the simple worship of Mount shared Car service.

Morocco thanks to Car-sharing service Is currently Carried out only in the DIstrict of Guiyang City and your security, network Is not dense, the total number of operational vehicles should be less than 200. If you are in other cities, there Will be no “Car sharing” service of worship on Mount App.

to promote electric vehicles Timeshare Rentals, we must first solve the charging problem. In fact, not much in Guiyang charge pile, so worship friction with partners to build electric pile shares some charging stations together.

The charging station our experience, there are two piles DC fast charge, trickle charge and five alternating pile.

At present friction thanks to Car-sharing operator of the vehicle has three models: BAIC New Energy EC200, Beiqi new energy LITE, FAW Pentium B30EV. Different rental prices three Cars, EC200 cheapest (0.1 yuan / min, 1 yuan / km), LITE most expensive (0.2 yuan /min,2.4 yuan / km).

FAW Pentium B30EV Is a rare models, and not officially lIsted, nor did the promotion to private consumer market.

According to information previously obtained, FAW Pentium B30EV comprehensive condition Mileage only 205km, in thIs year’s market can be said basically not competitive. However, no previous test drive the Car, so I was very interested in it.

I previously certified driver’s license, and charged with a $ 699 security deposit, but at the time I was ready to set a Car Pentium B30EV, the question arIses: App on dIsplay there are five Cars in thIs parking lot, but in fact only four, but could not find the Car on the App Pentium B30EV.

Because of thIs strange problem, I had to choose a Beiqi new energy EC200 next. On the phone to confirm, unlock all operations related to the product almost mainstream Timeshare Rentals. However, before unlocking Mount worship does not require the vehicle to take pictures uploaded trauma.

timeshare rental vehicle maintenance and hygiene Is a big problem, obviously friction worship there Is no good solution Is found. Car EC200 obvious trauma, clean the inside of the case Is also worrying.

the seat looks pretty good and clean, relatively normal Car taste.

sharing rental vehicle usually beggar edition model, the configuration Is very low. But thanks to the Moroccan Car EC200 Is high version, equipped with a central control touch screen, which Is commendable.

ordinary commercial EC200 whole system using a conventional Car keys, Car sharing and rental version of the EC200 Is equipped with a key to start it. ThIs Is mainly to avoid the problem of lost keys.

in front of the passenger seat, with a sticker prompt precautions in use. Phone number Is not below the Mount thanks to customer service calls, but the US Life’s customer service calls.

Morocco thanks to support off-site sharing the Car the Car, and no cost, they do not make reservations in advance, directly to the point of the Car on the line. After the end of the trip 15 days can apply for a refundable deposit.

Mount worship Is a shared banner of the field trip, but specific to the Car thIs market share, thanks to Morgan Stanley was also a newcomer. Here we share Cars and worship Mount HeadThe most mature before Timeshare Rentals operators Gofun make a simple comparIson, see Mount worship can bring some of subversion for the industry.

mol thanks Car sharing with Gofun Contrast mol thanks Car sharing Gofun business development the number of cities 1 21 model species 3 kinds of 13 kinds of quantity vehicle <200 > 30 000 vehicle conditions general general deposit 699 yuan 699 yuan may sesame credit deposit-free the use fee minimum 0.1 yuan / min, 1 membered / km minimum 0.1 yuan / min, 1 membered / km non-deductible expenses 3 / single 10 / single places the Car support, free support, 6 yuan / single love Card network tabulation Summary:

Morocco thanks to Car-sharing service Is still out of its infancy, Carried out in a city only, to test the water of nature more obvious. Compared with the now more mature Timeshare Rentals platform, Moldova thanks to Car-sharing entirely a dIsadvantage in terms of scale, the price a little advantage (Guiyang relatively low wage levels may be a big reason), and in the service It does not reflect the significant differences. Currently Morocco thanks to a shared Car or the biggest advantage Is that the installed capacity of the brand and App.


For a shared Car, Mount worship still being explored. Mount worship entry describes the shared Car has good prospects for development, over time perhaps we Will be able to experience ofo Car sharing and Car sharing a bit. However, Morocco did not give thanks to Car-sharing to bring dIsruptive change, thIs area has yet to be more participants to develop.

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