Several steps yourself to clean car upholstery, you have to learn these skills!

First clean the inside throw away all the junk, the Car does not belong to remove items, solve the problem of floor mats. Wipe the mat with dirt, then place them in the driveway. Wet dry vacuum cleaner having a vacuum suction blower function. The hose connected to the exhaust port, blowing debrIs space between the seat and center console. The hose return to its original position (next step). Cracks and fractures dust.

along an instrument panel and door eraser clean toothbrush to detect debrIs. Sucked up with a vacuum hose. Vacuum floors and upholstery. The front seats have been moved forward from the back seat to reach the area below them. The rearward movement of the seat in front and vacuum. Finally, tilt the seat as far as possible in order to further the gap in order to retrieve any lingering dirt. Wiping with a damp instrument panel microfiber cloth.

move to the center console, shift bar, steering wheel, door handles, seats and the cup holder. The use of new fabrics, the use of Automatic cleaning agents, unless they are leather, otherwIse it Will skip seat. Clean seat belts. With a few drops of the liquid detergent cup cotton cloth was immersed in warm water; wipe. From the beginning the room, the windows (and the sunroof, if any) down. Use foam cleaner does not drip like a liquid formulation, and then wiped with a microfiber cloth. In thIs way you Will be able to see which side stripes (if any) and needs another pass. Scroll down and swipe the top edge of the window. Replace the floor mats. Then make sure that all doors and windows are closed! Then solve the outside.

Special attention tires (and their rear panel), brake dust and rubbIsh gathered here, start washing. Two vats filled with water. First, add some specific Automatic soap. With a wash mitt or sponge, soap externally applied periodically flushed clean bucket gloves to avoid scratching the surface of the adhered debrIs. Click washed sequentially, each roof, hood and a rear, upper portion of each side face, respectively, after the lower portion of each side closed. A second cleaning glove or sponge tire (rubber portion) and wheels (or metal coated alloy rims), thoroughly rinsed with a hoseCar.

Now with cotton cloth or chamoIs, a circular movement from the low to high. So that when dripping down, they do not just re-wetting a dry area. Waxing. When the Car Is completely dry, add a layer of glossy protective layer, hit the wax lasts about three months, headlights revival. If the headlights have become dulled or yellowed, use the sanding and polIshing kit lens to restore them.