Several cars interiors picturesque surroundings, such as to the general enjoyment of your home

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I believe that many of our consumers Is in fact the interior Is very high Yes, yes, we actually experience when driving Is the first, if not a good interior experience Is certainly not much better. But now many domestic Automotive interior requirements are very high, kung fu under the interior a lot. However, thIs Car Is the worst thing Is too focused on interiors tend to neglect the good or bad performance of the Car, which Is one of the drawbacks of the current U.S.-made Cars. However, following which several Car interior Is not only very good, and the performance certainly did not have to say.

1 Mercedes-Benz (import) – Mercedes-Benz S-class

First of all Mercedes-Benz styling very well received by many consumers loved the atmosphere are not calm, thIs Is the Mercedes-Benz has always uphold the conviction. Let’s take a look at the basic characterIstics of the Car, the Car Is no doubt catapult start four-wheel drive gives the driver assIstance started feeling very much in place, not only Is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Mercedes-Benz B-Class Is even catapult start, vIsible efficiency of its engines. The final acceleration time of 6.08 seconds, which Is a very powerful score. The Car uses a Mercedes-Benz with the usual gorgeous sense of technology straight linear design, although very beautiful, but Will inevitably make people feel a little tired on the aesthetic of it. But thIs Is only looking at it, go do it only once elegant. Although simple and gives a sense of attractiveness Is also very strong, but thIs technology certainly Will not lose a sense of minimalIst design theme for the design of Car interiors.

2 Lincoln – Lincoln Continental

The design with the Lincoln Continental from above Mercedes-Benz S-class Is actually well-matched, both the house and not a big gap, it Is designed for both style giving a feeling of the brothers. I can only say two Cars taking the style Is the same, but in general, or Mercedes-Benz and a little more pro. Since the start situation speed too fast thIs Car Is not particularly good, although the front desk there was a clear slip, but the results are pretty good, power point slightly weaker, but not a problem. Eventually surrendered acceleration time of 7.28 seconds. Interior itself supply the customer Will have the choice of three colors, but since it Is a noble type, it feels very noble. Eat simply not the same place that the biggest impression thIs Car to the consumer Is to use different materials used, and if Mercedes Is a sense of technology-based, then thIs Lincoln Continental with material on both give a guileless vIsual sense, mainly because equipped with the system configuration Is in place. And the Car Is equipped GLS thirteen REVEL speaker, which Is attractive for young people Is completely fatal.

3 Infiniti QX50

The Infiniti QX59 to attract a lot of young people force Is not great, because thIs Is one of those relatively guileless type, but also to the overall simple main, though looking very nice, but no way gives the sense of honor instead. Simple atmosphere, luxurious feeling wells. And mainly with light-colored mainly focus on selected materials very layered, with each layer of material Is different, giving a gorgeous sense of being stacked low-key. The value of their packaging Is completely there, but comfort Is absolutely first class, a combination of colors can also be seen in terms of Infiniti’s skill.

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