Seven holes Qing Qi brain automotive advertIsing, than a connotation, you can read a few?

Seven “god-level” Car advertIsing, than a connotation, you can read a few?

Many companies want to expand their vIsibility through advertIsing, creative advertIsing at thIs time Is particularly important. But how to turn their ideas and product features combine to make the viewers eyes, which test a person’s imagination, in the Automotive sector there are some Car brands, they are playing an original master. Today small Will take you to see these classic Car ads. I do not know if you look at the picture, can read several Car brand meaning to say it?

seven holes Qing Qi brain Automotive advertIsing, than a connotation, you can read a few?


Smart its vehicle location Is a miniature Car, Car size Is very cozy, so Car prices to highlight thIs point on advertIsing, we staged such a “farce.” There are a smart parked on the roadside in the streets, the owners afraid of their own stolen Car, use a bicycle lock lock lock the entire Car. ThIs ad implies that smart bike almost its size and, especially for freely through the city.


a bunch of wild outdoor equipment facilities make up thIs very classic jeep advertIsing picture, suggesting that Jeep very powerful off-road gene. As the jeep off-road family, whether he’s Wrangler, Grand Cherokee and other models or in off-road performance Is very good for off-road players, Is a thoroughly produced for their Car.

Toyota Prado

by the wildlife and urban people make up the picture, a lot of people are probably wondering thIs What advertIsing slogan to express? In fact, thIs ad implies that Toyota Prado, whether it Is as comfortable means of transport in the city, or with your lover together in the field of exploration, it Is capable of the task. All along, the Prado with powerful off-road ability Is known, many run by the capital of the Sichuan-Tibet lineDeep favorite players, but due to the severe fuel restrictions and the policy of double integration, the ability to cross-country known for “high-handed” had to stop production in 2002, possibly for many people would be a pity.


At first glance, thIs picture may be a lot of people feel Shen panic, in the end thIs ad I would like to express it? When you can see through the mirror after a death fell to the ground, arms also be cast aside. In fact, Volvo wanted to express their Car security Is very strong, and has been with Volvo’s models are known for high-strength security, and even its models are called “mobile fortress.”


‘Pacifier ultra-running’ Fit, although a small Car, but its interior space or very impressive. ThIs Is mainly due mm Honda philosophy and magic seat of credit, thIs ad also implies Fit loading capacity Is very strong, things do not look all it’s just a small Car, but it can hold the bucket in hIs pocket.


If we Carefully look at thIs picture, you Will find there Is no wrong place wrong the direction Jaguar Car standard small cheetah actually backwards, towards the front of the normal Is not it, in fact, thIs Is BMW doing a “ladder” to get in the Jaguar, BMW saw Xiaobao turned and wanted to run away because of fear, it implies BMW much stronger performance than the Jaguar.


a microcosm of a city on the Car keys, which implies Ford Car, you can make generally you are free to shuttle them to the free spirit in the city.

Xiao Bian had to sigh Auto companies advertIsing these brain-hole Is too great, but also good to consumers convey their ideas. So in those ads which, if let you do the advertIsing planner, you can find which ads are optimized to do more color it?