Seven car really practical? Four and five gaps of the car, many owners regret seven

standard family Car seats are five, but with the increase in world demand for Cars, coupled with an open two-child policy in U.S., five models seems to have been unable to meet the family travel, we can see many families out of play when two Cars are open. So, there Is a demand market, and now six seven models adopted by more and more people, then for seven vehicles, with five Cars it any different? The difference Is not just the number of seats, four gap Is the key.

five models and seven models, differences in seat design, even people who do not know Cars, three year old all know. Seven Cars currently on the market can be divided into two types, seating layout 2 + 3 + 2 seating layout and a 2 + 3 + 2, so that models for the majority of our family trips, the adequate use that seven Car really useful? In addition there Is a difference in the number of seats, four gap, so that many Car owners to buy seven regret.

First, many owners are more annoying “inspection”, many before the inspection, their performance Is normal, but in after exaggeration to detect vehicle inspection staff failure. For seven Cars, it’s not like the first six years six and six the following models line-free treatment to detect, but Is once every two years required annual inspection and annual fees than seven Cars, are five more Cars, but the cost gap Is not large, the key Is, the same family Car, post-use seven vehicles to be relatively trouble!

Second, for most of us non-operating family Car, per year cost of insurance Is not high, but relative to the five vehicles, the seven Car insurance costs to be relatively high. For example, each Car must buy insurance to pay high insurance, the cost of five vehicles per year was 950 yuan, while the seven models Is 1100 yuan, in addition to the extra two seats, if the seats also buy insurance, and that the annual cost of insurance, seven models a lot more than five models.

Third, market in the sale of the seven and seven MPV SUV, twoWho in the space, ride comfort, the gap Is quite large. Late facelift seven SUV models compared with the seven-seat MPV has always been the host, certainly not dominant, first MPV model to be longer than the common SUV models, high, Car tail more Founder, so the Car third row seat space , MPV models to be more dominant, naturally superior comfort. The third row of seven SUV, only suitable for short-dIstance migrant, according to the survey, seven buy SUV owners, in most cases, the third row Is used as a trunk, so, you might as well buy five models, and security Is also higher.

fourth, seven Cars for family travel to play, it Is indeed very practical, but had to face such dIstress : the Car Will often be borrowed friends and family. As the saying goes, and my wife can not borrow the Car, after Car checked out, no accidents but fortunately, that if it was an accident? The latter Is too much trouble. Now five Cars relatively common, almost every household has, to borrow the Car do not often.

Therefore, with the increase in demand for Car people, seven models Is also a trend in the future, but with five models , the gap Is not just the seat, but the gap Is above 4 aspects, so many Car owners bought seven regret. Finally, large Zhao would like to ask you a question, for seven Cars, seating layout you like 2 + 2 + 3 or 2 + 3 + 2 layout of? Feel free to leave your thoughts!