Select auto engine iron or aluminum good good? After reading the analysIs, you Will understand

for a Car, the most important part than its engine, and the Car as a power central nervous system, it Is not only images of people Will be driving experience, but also a Car must have a long, large part Will have to see it, so it’s still a very important role, but also great Care when driving. Now the engine Will be more kind on the market, many consumers also raIsed questions, in the end I also how to choose? Select Auto engine iron or aluminum good good? After reading the analysIs, you Will understand

concerned about thIs aspect of my friends know, now available in more types of engine though, but nothing more than material aspects two types of cast iron and aluminum, both of which also have their own advantages and dIsadvantages, and that the difference in the end Is Shane? Xiao Bian gave you specific analysIs.

First, the advantage Is that the engine of cast iron, it Is more prominent in the thermal load capacity of the cylinder, compared to the aluminum engine in terms of more heat, so the advantage Is that you can increase the power of the engine. Allegedly, 1.5T cast iron engine with the support of a turbocharged, all-aluminum 2.0L engine can match, which proves its strength.

Next, the corrosion resIstance, the cast iron Is also stronger than aluminum, the high temperature environment of the engine, in such a high temperature under the conditions, an aluminum more readily react with water, although its better heat dIssipation, but in thIs regard but still be inferior.

Of course, aluminum engine also has its advantages, such as its heat to very good performance, and lighter cylinder, Is to reduce body weight very beneficial, lightweight body can become even better fuel consumption and performance. Moreover, good heat dIssipation can also extend the life of the engine, open longer.

But look at the current Car market, all-aluminum engine models Is still relatively small, mainly in some luxury models which are more general model Is very rare .