Section two test car seat height, to “point” influential?

Section two test Car seat height, to “point” Is certainly influential! Take the author’s personal experience, the author has just obtained hIs driver’s license last year, before the first test subjects two, when I due to the relatively short stature, found the time to test ride Car seat Is low, and no to adjust found when back into the garage, Is not allowed to find a “point”, therefore the hanging branches. Later, I have the experience, they bring to the mat, if the seat was short, then it mat seat, then sat on cushions exam. Second exam, I passed on the two subjects.

It can be said, the subject 2 test, the seat adjustment Is critical. Sawed-seat lower because students often do not see the “point”, leading exam passing rate Is low; as for taller candidates, it Is inconvenient to operate because of the high seat, it can lead to low passing rates. For seat adjustment in two subjects in the examination as well as some ways, I have the following suggestions:

I can be like that, go to the examination room to take some cushion. For example, some of the girls, before the test can be ready cushions, taken to the examination room.

Prior to our examinations, slam down sitting in the Car when the brake pedal to the deepest, which still has a certain time the leg Is bent, the seat position before and after thIs Suitable.

We also need to adjust the dIstance between the head and the roof, the dIstance Is preferably about punch. Meanwhile, between the backrest and the seat Is preferably a 90 degree angle, so help us observe where “point”.

must be relaxed, maintain a good attitude. In fact, many candidates had been practiced many times, but due to stress, resulting in stiff, thus affecting their normal play, leading to two subjects of the exam hanging branches. So we have two subjects in the exam, be sure to relax, maintain a good attitude, bold but cautious.

In summary, the seat height Is indeed the Will “point” has a great influence, so we have to make adequate preparations.

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