Seat heating Is common, Why seat ventilation penetration rate was so low? Because of cost?

For you old drivers, the Car Is like a home away from home, cool inside the Car Is no better thing. With advances in technology, user-friendly features of the Car more and more, and even have a lot of unexpected features, such as: seat belt height adjustment, cooling glove box, heated seats and so on. So the question Is, Why a lot of Cars have heated seats, but no seat ventilation?

Car functions more or less, depending on the Car’s price, then the Car pricing Is dependent the Car costs.

Needless to say, the cost of the seat heating affirmative win seat ventilation. Seat heating and seat ventilation costs vary greatly.

First seat heating works very simple, just built resIstance wire, Car seat in its energized heating, resIstance heating wire, so that heat Is conducted to the seat, so that its temperature in a short time. Due to the small volume electric wire, Will not let drivers and occupants the feeling of a foreign body in them, thus affecting the comfort of the Car ride.

but not the same seat ventilation, taking into account not only the position and material, where the fan duct maintenance and the like, but also taking into account the high cost of such a functions in the Car to increase consumer acceptability of how high.

then no Car seat ventilation function, where you can consider starting from the seat, the cushion material selection Is a problem, Xiao Bian here recommend the last few years, the most popular riders cushion ice silk and linen materials materials

Car seat ice silk material as the name suggests Is that Icy cool and breathable performance , sweat, and so on. Ice silk cushion a long life, cost-effective, Is everybody’s favorite Car seat riders in selling more products.

linen cushion mainly from flax, breathable, easy to clean, and good insulation characterIstics. Linen cushion cushion compared to other solid sense of relatively heavy, strengthBetter than cotton for many, loved by everybody riders degree Is also very high.

manufacturers in order to save the final analysIs the question of cost, but small series that seat ventilation Is necessary, after all, the comfort of buying a Car but the primary consideration , once and for all, Why not do.