Seat covers really need to use it? Old driver dIsmIssive, leather seats as decoration?

There Is no doubt now the domestic Car market Is quite prosperous, basically now the Car has become a new era of standard family, every household Is not a Car are embarrassed to go out. Many pet spree after the Car to get hIs own Car, the first thing Is to Carry out all kinds of transformation, every day Is a wide variety of gadgets, including some owners prefer to add seat covers? However, seat covers really need to use it? Older drivers who do thIs are dIsmIssed, after seating to add, Why you want leather seats, when the dIsplay it?

but it can also be understood that many riders have their own Car extra Care. As if it was to buy a new cell phone in your pocket afraid to wear, afraid of broke on the table, and even open the phone are Carefully selected key, the same token, the owners added a seat cover Is forgiven.

But after a long time, Xiao Bian found owners for seat covers Is more and more do not like, and now many owners are already completely abandoned seat cover, thIs Is Why? They Will not speak the other, at least for the seat cover leather seats, did achieve a protective effect, but also a very good thing.

However, after lIstening to some of the old driver finIshed, Xiao Bian learned about the seat cover Is really no need to use, it Is not only unnecessary, but also dangerous . We all know that the Car Is the presence of an airbag, in the vicinity of the seat, because some models add a seat cover, resulting in an accident when the airbag can not open properly, and thus a serious threat to their lives.

In addition, after all, Is equipped with leather seats, seat covers add silk Night Is like a general, not very comfortable to use, no leather The seat should have a sense of comfort, not at all worthwhile. Do you think it Is necessary to add seat covers? Welcome messages.