Seat covers not only look good! May also terrible!

Cannon see a lot of small partners like child seats to add a seat cover , colors , a variety of material multifarious.

it today, we are concerned that the seat cover thing, cannon I do not recommend adding seat covers , Why? Then look down you know it.

the seat with the airbag must not add!

Now many Cars are equipped with a side airbags , you can look at there own seat “AIRBAG” or “SRS” of the word, if there Is, it can not add more seating up! You add a seat cover, in real time of the accident it Is possible impact airbags pop-up .

Even if the pop-up Will not affect the air bag, there may be affect airbag deployment direction , Will cause the air bag to myself secondary damage!

However, now in the “a treasure” can also be found on the Block set aside balloon exports .

but thIs seat cover price to Is not cheap ah!

and thIs sleeve really does not affect the pop-up balloon do? Cannon I really did not have to experiment to find, if you have a small understanding of partners, which can leave a message in the comments, we can dIscuss what ah!

changes the frictional force of the seat

lines, the lines on the seat Is Is designed to and the material of the seat Is After selection of the . In doing so friction Is to to increase the seat, to prevent collIsions, people Will not slip out of the seat, hurt.

But now many people like to wear a seat “ice silk” , “fluff” or Is a similar material the seat cover, it feels light slippery of. Such seat covers event of an accident, even if you are based on the seat belt, easy sliding out from below.

Is harmful to health, or easy to combustibles

If we had to buy a new Car smell Is not very good, but the factory when the Car harmful substances like formaldehyde, ethyl benzene, styrene, toluene, etc. , it Is through detection and Eligible of a.

But those who can not buy a seat cover our people to detect, and then produced directly packaged threw up the market, and there’s harmful substances One can imagine it!

These inexpensive materials and seat cover, often has no flame retarding effect of. If the Car Is really on fire, they are also a very good comburent ah!

Car seats are to undergo engineer Carefully designed , and any hint of the details have its usefulness of. So to our Safety and Health , the cannon Is recommended that you do not add a seat cover!

Well, today went to the contents of thIs it! Let’s see you next! Bye!